Parent Survey – How Can GAC Help?

What do your kids need this school year? How can GAC help?

We have always been committed to providing our families with much more than just a few weeks of fun and friendship during the summer. Our mission has always been much bigger. Our vision is that the experiences and relationships that our campers and staff have at GAC will prepare them for life’s challenges and equip them to positively influence the world.

While we did not operate our in-person camp this summer, we have not slowed down in researching, planning, and developing programs for the year-round well-being of our campers and staff, specifically in the areas of social and emotional well-being and character growth. The growth you witness in your kids after their time at camp is due to the research-backed practices we’ve trained our counselors to utilize in their leadership and guidance.

This summer, we had over 100 campers and 20 counselors participate in GALA, our online leadership and character-building program. The feedback from participants has been extremely positive, and we have been reminded that while what we offer in-person at GAC is not deliverable online, some aspects of what we offer are not tied to our summer sessions in Lakeshore:

        • Friendship Skills Practice
        • Community/Belonging/Friendships
        • Character Growth

To support teachers in building positive class communities and fostering connections, we offer resources, webinars, and community discussions for educators through the Gold Arrow Teacher Academy (GATA).

Now, it’s time to check in with our camp families to find out what you and your child need from GAC!

During this school year, we’d like to continue offering programs that promote our campers’ social and emotional health and provide the fun, friendships, and growth kids need more than ever. We have amazing counselors ready to work to serve our campers.

Before we move forward on implementing any new programs we’d like to hear from our camp families to determine your interest level. For families who have plenty of support and resources with your school and community and aren’t interested in additional offerings from GAC, we want to hear that too!

When you receive the survey link via email, please take a few minutes to give us your feedback as we plan programs for the 2020-2021 school year and beyond. We’re also offering a live online forum on October 8 at 5pm PT if you would prefer to share and discuss your ideas with the GAC directors. The links to the survey and live online chat will be sent to camp families via email early this week!

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