First Year Families

First-Year Family Orientation Video

Our 17-minute First-Year Family Orientation video shares information on topics including communication while at camp, preparing for camp, packing tips, homesickness, and what to expect on the first day.



We are so excited to welcome you into the GAC Family this summer. We hope you will be part of our community for many years to come.

The first year of going away to summer camp is the hardest – both for kids and for parents. Everything is new and unfamiliar. For many families, this is the first time parents and children have ever been apart from each other without digital or phone communication. We understand your concerns and have helped hundreds of families through the adjustment. We are here to help alleviate your worries and make you and your camper feel as comfortable and welcome as possible!

Gather your family around your computer, and we’ll share some tips and information to help prepare both you and your camper for your first Gold Arrow experience.

Preparing for Camp

Countdown to Camp: 5 Things to do Now 

Are you or your camper nervous about the experience?
Messages for an Anxious Camper

Having some parental worries about your camper being away from you?
5 Reasons NOT to Worry While Your Kid’s at Camp 

Online Events

Online live Question & Answer session for first-year families. May 15th, 7 PM PST.

Online discussion of Homesick and Happy – May 29th, Noon PST.

Online live Question & Answer session for first-year families. June 2nd, 4 PM PST.

In-person Events

GAC Party Southern CA – May 5th, 4-6 PM, The Mark For Events (9320 Pico Blvd.), Los Angeles.

GAC Party Northern CA –  May 19th, 4-6 PM, Holbrook-Palmer Park (150 Watkins Ave.), Atherton

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