5-Year Campers

Since the early days of camp, founder Manny Vezie began a tradition – campers and staff who attend Gold Arrow Camp for five summers are presented with a blanket to commemorate this achievement. Every summer at camp 5-year campers are wrapped in their blankets at Appreciation Campfire on the final night of their session.

Here are some quotes from 5-year campers:

5 Year Blanke Camper“GAC is cool, exciting, a new experience, and incredibly fun!”

“I keep coming back to see all my old friends, meet new people, and just for the adventure! There’s nothing like coming back each year and learning something new! I mean my friends and I get GAC sick more than home sick!”

“I keep returning to GAC because it is non-stop fun. I love being outdoors, facing new challenges and of course making new friends

“I keep going back to GAC because its a chance to get away from everything and just be a kid. When I’m there nothing really seems to matter except having fun, it is absolutely wonderful.”

“My favorite camp memory is the goodbye camp fire. When all the counselors light candles for their cabins and they sing. It makes me cry happy tears and it makes me reflect on what I had done that session.”

5 Year Blankets Staff“Gold Arrow Camp is a place where you can make friends, be yourself, and make memories that last forever.”

“Its right up there with Disneyland, Target, and Costco as the most amazing place on earth! All the counselors you meet are so amazing and really care about you. The campers, 1st year or 5th, are all so amazing and you get really close with all of them. You meet so many new people from all over and just have some amazing experiences. If anyone is considering going to camp stop thinking and just go you wont regret it.”

“My favorite thing about camp this year has been the same every year, sitting around the campfire with my cabin-mates roasting marshmallows and making popcorn, telling the highs and lows of our days.”

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