Camp Song

Here we land again, Sierra Summer.
Holding hands again, sky so blue.
Oh, yeah, we made it,
No longer separated,
From all our closest friendships,
and starting some anew…


Gold Arrow Camp
Whadda, whadda, whadda, wa,
My favorite camp,
Whadda, whadda, whadda, wa,
No other camp,
Whadda, whadda, whadda, wa,
Will ever do, whoa.
I hike and sail and water-ski,
and breathe air that is good for me.
There’s no place that I’d rather be,
than good old GAC!

Mom, there are bears here,
But I ain’t seen ‘em yet.
They said to toss my candy,
Or they’ll jump in my bed.
Think I’ll chow that Snickers,
I snuck into my tent.
Cause one big bite from Yogi,
Would sure make quite a dent.

Repeat Chorus

I wish I could stay longer,
and sleep under the stars.
I sure don’t miss the city,
the bad air and the cars.
Can’t wait to come next year.
Sure did learn much more here,
than I ever did in school.

Repeat Chorus


Destination GAC