February Kindness Calendar

Happy February, everyone! This month is full of love and good feelings (& an extra day)! We are so happy to share 29 awesome ways to spread kindness to/with your friends and family. You can download the printable version here.

kindness calendar

National No One Eats Alone Day


“No One Eats Alone is a Positive Prevention Initiative that works to prevent bullying before it starts by teaching students to lead the movement to change the culture of middle school!”

National No One Eats Alone Day is February 14, 2020! This popular national program is celebrated in many schools across the country and is a student-led event. It is a day where all kids feel included and accepted by their peers. Would you like to have your school participate? We encourage you to partner with a teacher and click here to sign up where you can request a No One Eats Alone Day backpack. The backpack will help you launch your own NOEAD at your school! If you’re not sure if your school is already registered, see here!

GACentines are Back!

You know the struggle. You want to give out Valentine’s cards to your classmates, but you want something unique. Something that really shows them how special they are to you. Once again, we here at Gold Arrow Camp are here to help! That’s right, we’re back with our version of the classic Valentine’s card, the GACentine.

Let the people in your life know how you feel about them by printing these special notes of affection, featuring some of your favorite counselors and activities.

Nothing says love quite like Rico California!
Let Slim and Delta express your love.

Let Free’s passion for freedom express your feelings for that special someone.

We love how expressive our horses are!We can’t resist a PoCo inspired GACentine!

For those people you just love spending time with, we suggest this.

We have two backpacking themed options:

Nothing like a good Buzz pun to say “Happy Valentine’s!”

Finally, Canoechery.


Clothing Labels

One FAQ that parents (especially first year families!) ask as they prepare for camp is, “How do I label everything for camp?”  This is a great question and an important one.  At GAC, we ask that all items (clothing, water bottles, toothpaste, etc.) are labeled prior to your camper’s arrival.  If a camper misplaces something or an item is mixed up in the laundry, if it’s labeled, it will most likely end up back with the camper.

Label types have varied over the years: iron-on, marked by hand, and stick-on.  All of the GAC directors have children who attend camp and have firsthand knowledge of the different label types and techniques and can commiserate with the frustration of discovering 10 labels (2o+ if they have siblings!) stuck to the inside of the washing machine!  Based on experience, we are recommending the following label options in order of preference:

  1.  Use a permanent marker (aka “Sharpie”) to write the camper’s first initial and last name.  This is an easy and cost effective method.  Be sure to be consistent with the labeling and avoid the use of initials only.  Tip: use a silver marker for dark clothing!
  2. Iron-on labels work well.  It’s a time consuming task but those pre-made labels tend to stay on longer than stick-on labels and won’t damage items that don’t have clothing tags.
  3. Stick-on labels are great for non-clothing items such as toiletries, shoes, and flashlights.  Even the youngest campers can help with this labeling task!

Which ever method you choose, just remember to label everything, even socks and undies!



Join Sunshine’s Happy Campers Book Club

Happy Campers is a joyful and wise parenting book. Drawing on her lifetime of experience as a camper, camp counselor and camp director, Audrey Monke shows us what is most important in the lives of children. She then takes the next step and teaches parents how they can recreate the magic of camp in their own homes. I have never read a more optimistic and well-grounded guide to parenting.

Michael G. Thompson, Ph.D., Bestselling author of Raising Cain

Keep the growth and happiness of summer camp going all year! Join author Audrey “Sunshine” Monke in the Happy Campers Book Club as she shares resources and ideas from her book, Happy Campers, 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults!

To join the Happy Campers Book Club

Step 1: Pick up a copy of Happy Campers at your favorite book seller: Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Books-A-Million, or KOBO

Step 2: Complete this form, and you’ll be sent exclusive downloadable resources and monthly links to join (optional) Zoom coaching calls with Sunshine.

Free Happy Campers Downloads

2020 Read-Along Schedule
Workbook & Discussion Guide

Happy Campers Book Trailer (featuring GAC campers & staff)

Sunshine’s Upcoming Events

January Kindness Calendar

Happy New Year, everyone! Take a look at our January Kindness Calendar to kickstart your year with kindness. Every day is a great day to show people around us that we care! You can download the printable version here.

2020 Dance Themes!

One of the highlights of each session is our camp-wide dance. We all come together at our Granite Grove event space for a night of kicking our heels up to some of our favorite songs.

Dances feature favorite group dances, like Footloose and Tragedy. There’s also our photo booth for some pictures with friends, special snacks and drinks like the “Soy Rogers” and “Shirley Chipmunk,” and a wide selection of games for those campers that prefer playing over dancing.

Each of our dances has a theme, and campers and staff are encouraged to dress up to match the theme. Some people bring costumes from home, while others improvise using their clothes or making something at Arts & Crafts. Whatever you choose to do, we know you’ll have a great time at our dances.

This year’s dance themes are:

June Shaver Specialty: Hollywood

Come as your favorite celebrity or dress to impress as one of your favorite movie characters for this fun SoCal themed party!

Session 1: Pirates

Shiver me timbers matey! Session 1 campers will be walking the plank to fun with their peg-legs, eye patches, and other pirate accessories.

Session 2: Groovy Hippies and Tie-Dye

Let’s have some far-out fun in Session 2, when we enjoy the dance with our best hippie costumes, or your tie-dyed favorites.

Session 3: Halloween

Having a hard time coming up with a costume for Session 3’s Halloween dance? Any costume will do as we celebrate the one night of the year when people love costumes as much as we do on dance night.

Session 4: Winter Wonderland

It’ll be the end of August, but we’re going to dress like a blizzard is on the way for our Winter Wonderland dance for Session 4.

Mini Camp and August Specialty: Candy Land

It’s a night for sweet treats as we end the summer with a dance celebrating candy, or the board game Candy Land!

I Heart Camp Day Is February 1st!

We invite our GAC families and friends to join with us in celebrating I Heart Camp Day on Saturday, February 1st! If you’re nervous that you don’t have any I Heart Camp decorations and haven’t been invited to a big I Heart Camp Day block party, don’t worry! Celebrating this day doesn’t require a trip to the party store. It just requires you to love camp and to be willing to share that love.


It’s pretty easy. Just take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says “I Heart Camp” (you could use the picture at the top of this story if you need inspiration) and then post it on your favorite social media on February 1st. Tag us (@goldarrowcamp) and use the hashtag #IHeartCamp. We’ll share our favorites on our accounts! We love seeing everyone from staff to campers to alumni to parents getting involved!

Check our accounts all day on February 1st as we share your photos and some of our favorites from last summer!

December Kindness Calendar

Hello all! Can you believe it is the last month of the decade already!? Here are 31 ideas to keep your kindness going through December. Have a fabulous month! You can download the printable version here.

Sunshine Visits Chandler School This Thursday

This Thursday, November 14, 2019, Sunshine will be spending time with parents and friends of Chandler School in Pasadena, CA. Her talk on “Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults” is part of their ParentEd series, which also features two of Sunshine’s favorite parenting educators – Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D. & Julie Lythcott-Haims.

If you are in the Pasadena area and want more information, please click here. We hope to see you there!