What Our Staff Say

What GAC Staff Say“My summer at GAC surpassed my expectations in so many ways by both providing me with incredible experiences and teaching me invaluable lessons.  In just three months I learned first hand not only about leadership, responsibility, and teamwork, but also about life in general.  I experienced what it meant to have a whole group of people striving to create a positive, nurturing, and genuinely fun camp environment for the campers while supporting and helping each other out in every possible situation.  I believe I really took the goals of each session to heart, which made being able to lead the impressionable young kids to act towards these same goals such a fulfilling experience and a much-appreciated opportunity.  On top of all this, I made some of my closest friendships at camp and met such unique people who were able to teach me about their upbringings and different ways of life.  Most of these friendships are the ones I try my hardest to maintain while I am off at school and some of the ones I cherish most.  Lastly, this past summer at camp was the most fun way I can imagine spending a summer in between school years.  While it is definitely hard work, it does not feel like it all because of how refreshing and rejuvenating the environment up at GAC is, and how rewarding working with these youthful campers is.”

“The values that are held and encouraged at camp make it such an enjoyable place to spend
my summer. The entire staff works together for one sole purpose, which is to give the campers the best summer experience, which in turn gives us the best summer experience. Getting away from “the real world”, technology, and the daily hassles of life make this job so enjoyable that it does not even feel like a job. I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than returning to GAC this summer.”

“Working at GAC is an amazing experience. I study at a university full of incredibly driven students competing for the best internships and entries for their resumes. Coming here, I realized that a resume full of internships isn’t everything. Getting away from it all and spending nine weeks here at camp with an awesome group of people is one of the best things I’ve done in years. You can’t go wrong with the people you meet here. After all, it takes a special kind of person to become a counselor at GAC.”

What our staff say“You might be exhausted by the end, but it’s an exhaustion of muscles you’ve never had the chance to flex before. GAC gives you that opportunity, and working at a place like this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Or lots-in-a-lifetime if you, like lots of people, can’t wait to come back!”

“I was a camper at GAC for most of my childhood. Much of who I am today is because of my amazing experiences and irreplaceable knowledge I acquired at GAC. I never thought I would experience as fun or fulfilling an experience as being a camper. When I came back to GAC as a counselor, I was proven wrong. GAC is for people who want to change other people’s lives and improve and learn about themselves on the way.”

“In a nutshell, get ready for the best summer of your life and get ready to go all-out, all day, every day! You will have the opportunity to positively impact kids’ lives while undoubtedly being positively impacted yourself.”

Testimonials from Staff“I have been a lot of places and I’ve had a lot of experiences, but never in my life have I ever felt so sure of where I was supposed to be at that given time.  I have never felt such rewarding feelings and the satisfaction that I had such a large impact on a child’s life.  The experiences and growth that I had this past summer cannot be found anywhere else.  Now that I have a solid foundation and understanding of GAC; I want to come back and apply everything I have learned and make this next summer even better than the last.  Ever since the day I left GAC, I can’t stop thinking about all of the amazing memories from the summer as well as what I can do to make next summer more memorable for everyone.  Another reason I want to come back is because of the incredible staff that is always there for you.  Everyone is so supportive and constantly helping one another.  I love that about GAC because I truly feel cared for and loved by so many.”

GAC Staff Testimonials“Working at Gold Arrow was just so much FUN. I had an absolute blast and can think of very few other times in my life where I felt as fulfilled and as happy as I did at camp this summer. I loved working with the kids, and I feel like that experience, those interactions, as well as working with fellow staff taught me a lot about people, society, and who I am myself. What’s more, the camp atmosphere is such that I could literally run around singing and dancing all day, essentially being a complete goofball, without any fear of being judged, a rare thing. Camp was incredibly freeing and I loved every minute. Would that I could be so “childlike, not childish” as often in the real world.”

“In addition to the love I have working with kids, I have never been in a working environment where I felt so respected and valued as an employee. I believe this is key to the most successful working relationship, because when employees feel that they are appreciated, they are more likely to have a better attitude about their environment and generally want to do well. Your co-workers at summer camps become family, especially when around each other constantly, and I am proud to say that I feel like part of the Gold Arrow Family and I don’t want that to change anytime soon.”