What Campers Say

Watch this video to hear what some of our campers have to say about their time at GAC.

Or look at these comments that campers reported at the end of their session:

“It’s like a secret heaven on earth where you don’t have to worry about drama or problems and can focus on having fun and being yourself.”

“GAC has become a part of me. I learn so many social skills each year and of course have fun.”

“I learned different ways to make friends.”

“I learned to challenge myself.”

“So much fun! You don’t have to worry about anything, get to hang out with friends and forget about chores and stress you leave at home.”

“I became a little more outgoing and braver.”

“The counselors are always there for you.”

“It’s a good way to get away from electronics.”

“It was the BEST summer ever at GOLD ARROW CAMP, and its like one big family!!”

“This was my first year at Gold Arrow Camp, and it has the best summer of my life so far!! I want to stay at GAC as long as possible.”

“I learned to dance and socialize more. I learned how to respect all.”

“I love the staff, and I get to do really fun stuff I don’t get to do at home.”

“I had fun, I made great friends, I learned new things, I overcame my fears.”

“I learned to be confident in myself.”

“It was so much fun, and I liked having a little time away from family. I met some great people and did some awesome activities.”

“I learned that if you respect and treat things and people nice that you will get it back.”

“GAC is just soo much fun! This was my first year and my best summer ever, thanks to GAC.”

“It’s a great experience to meet new friends and try new things.”
“I love the staff and that you meet kids that are from different places.”

“It is a lot of fun, and you meet new people that you keep in touch with and could become life-long friends.”

“I made so many memories, it was so much fun and I felt like I grew as a person so much!”

“You learn lots of life skills, activities, you grow, and learn to appreciate what your parents give you that you haven’t noticed before.”

“It made me more independent and let me feel free.”

”GAC is my home away from home.”


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