What Campers Say

Watch this video to hear what some of our campers have to say about their time at GAC.

Or look at these comments that campers reported at the end of their session:

“I love it here.  It’s like a home away from home except that it’s easier to make friends.”

“Every time I come back to camp I have a blast.”

“I loved being off my phone and spending two weeks in an amazing place.”

“Camp is for sure my favorite and most exciting part of summer.”

“Camp is fun, uplifting, and a place where I can be me.”

“It is a highlight of my summer and I made so many new friends.”

“It is a lot of fun and you make a bunch of friends and have a good time.”

“I love being in nature and I feel like I can really be myself.”

“I love GAC and how it focuses my attention on the important things.”

“This has honestly been the best two weeks of my life and I really wish it wasn’t going to end.”

“I always want to come back to camp and I look forward to it all year.”

“Gold Arrow is always the highlight of my summer.  I get to see my friends and even make new ones.  The activities never get old!”

“Camp is so fun and really is the best part of my summer.”

“I love the environment, community, and people at GAC.”

“I love meeting new people at camp and reconnecting with old friends.  I also love the positive atmosphere that GAC has and how it is a judgement free zone..”

“All the people and staff were so nice and welcoming.”

“Every year I come back and it feels like a second home.”

“It is really fun and I learned many things and I laughed a lot.”

“It was all very fun and the supportive community helps tons.”

“I just love how happy and fun all the counselors are and all the people around you.”

“Camp is my non stress home!!! I love GAC.”

“I had so much fun and did things I never would have done at home.”

“Camp is truly a magical place that has changed me so much.”

”Camp is a special place for me and basically a ‘home away from home’ for me.”


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