Certification Information

C.P.R. Certification:

  • All staff members must be C.P.R. certified. Staff can obtain an approved course or be trained during our on-site training period.
  • When signing up for a C.P.R. certification course, please be sure that the class includes adult, child, and infant C.P.R.
  • Acceptable certifying bodies include:
    • A-B-CPR
    • Allens Training Specialist (Australia):
    • Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI)
    • American Red Cross
    • American Heart Association
    • American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI)
    • Emergency First Aid (Australia)
    • Divers Alert Network
    • Emergency First Response
    • EMS Safety Services
    • Irish Red Cross
    • Medic First Aid International
    • National Lifesaving and Aquatics
    • St. John’s Ambulance
    • National Safety Council
    • Sierra Rescue

American Camp Association Guidelines for C.P.R. Certifications

Lifeguard Certification:

  • Staff members hired to work on the waterfront must also be lifeguard certified prior to camp.
  • There are three components to a lifeguard certification: 1) lifeguard training, 2) C.P.R. for the professional rescuer, and 3) First Aid. All three components need to be current in order for the lifeguard certification to be valid.
  • Since waterfront staff will be working on an open waterfront and not a pool, we recommend finding a course that includes an open water or waterfront component. These skills will be reviewed during staff training week.
  • Acceptable certifying bodies include:
    • Ellis and Associates
    • American Red Cross
    • YMCA
    • Boy Scouts of America (BSA)
    • RLSS – Royal Lifesaving Society (UK, Australia)
    • RLSS – Royal Lifesaving, New Zealand
    • Skills Active/New Zealand Recreation Association
    • Surf Lifesaving New Zealand
    • URSUS Aquatics
    • UK National Pool Lifeguard Qualification
    • Surf Life Saving Australia
    • Starfish Aquatics Institute
    • H20 Pro
    • US Coast Guard
    • Lifeguard-Pro
    • National Lifesaving and Aquatics

American Camp Association Guidelines for Lifeguard Certification

Wilderness First Aid Certification:

  • Backpacking staff need to have a current Wilderness First Aid certification. Please be sure that your C.P.R. certification includes an endorsement for adult, child, and infant C.P.R.
  • Acceptable certifying bodies include:
    • Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI)
    • American Safety and Health Institute
    • American Red Cross
    • Canadian Red Cross
    • National Safety Council
    • National Ski Patrol
    • NOLS Wilderness Medicine
    • Sierra Rescue
    • SOLO
    • The Mountaineers
    • University of Colorado Department of Emergency Medicine
    • Wilderness Medical Associates
    • Wilderness Medical Training Center
    • Wilderness Medicine Outfitters
    • Wilderness Safety Council
    • Wilderness Safety & Emergency Response
    • St. John’s Ambulance

American Camp Association Guidelines for Wilderness First Aid Certification

Getting Certified at Camp:

It is important for you to obtain the required certifications prior to your arrival at camp. If you are unable to do so or arrive at camp with incorrect certifications, we will certify you at camp. Due to our location and limited resources, we ask that you use this option as a last resort.