Special Dietary Needs

At Gold Arrow Camp, we strive to offer a variety of options at every meal. In addition to the main entrees being served, we offer ample a la carte options to accommodate most food preferences and dietary restrictions.

Daily offerings, in addition to the meal being served, include:

  • Breakfast: yogurt, fruit, cereal, oatmeal, bagel and toast to order
  • Lunch: salad bar with protein options, sandwich bar, fruit, 1-2 soup choices
  • Dinner: salad bar with protein options, pasta bar, fruit

By taking advantage of our salad bar (lunch and dinner), sandwich bar (lunch), and pasta bar (dinner), most campers and staff can find nutritious food items to accommodate their dietary preferences and/or allergies.

Special dietary needs (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, etc.) need to be specified on the health form before each camper or staff member comes to camp so that we can alert counseling and/or food service staff to any allergies or needs and can order appropriate amounts of food items for our salad and sandwich bars.  People with highly specialized dietary needs or preferences need to talk with our Food Service Manager at least one week prior to camp attendance.

We will provide some special food items (for example, gluten free breads and pastas) only for campers and staff specifying the allergy on their form before camp. We will not be able to accommodate new dietary decisions/changes mid-summer other than continuing to provide all of the varied options that we always offer.

In cases of a highly selective eater with specific brand preferences or an extremely restrictive diet, the camper or staff member may be asked to bring some of their own food items to supplement what we provide. This needs to be discussed with our Food Service Manager at least one week prior to camp attendance, as we have limited storage space for personal food items and need to be aware of storage space required for each individual camper or staff member. Small, labeled plastic bins (shoe box size) will be provided for campers or staff members needing to store personal food items due to dietary restrictions or allergies. These can be accessed at meals by notifying a kitchen staff member.

For campers with severe food allergies that require an epi-pen to be brought to camp, parents need to complete an additional form with detailed information on how the camper needs to be treated in case of exposure.

We do not use nuts or nut oils in camp recipes. However, we are not a nut-free camp, because we do serve peanut butter (in individual service cups), granola bars, and some candies, snacks, and desserts that contain nuts or have been manufactured in a factory where nuts are present.

If you have additional questions regarding our menu, food service or your specific dietary needs, please contact our office at (800) 554-2267 or by email to speak with a camp representative.

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