Junior Counselor Application Opens Dec. 15


“After 8 years as campers, both my daughters were JCs this year. They both had the time of their lives. They loved it even more than being GAC campers, because it had all of the fun activities and traditions, plus the added perks of being trusted with more responsibilities and additional freedoms. After 1.5 years of COVID and all its disappointments, this was just what they needed for their mindset and their self-esteem. They both made deep friendships, both gained maturity, and both retain their love for GAC and intend to go back as counselors when they’re old enough. Thank you!” – 2021 JC Parent

Gold Arrow Camp’s Junior Counselor Program is designed to introduce older, returning campers to leadership roles with specific training and responsibilities in the camp environment. Our goal is for Junior Counselors (JCs) to return home confident in their leadership abilities and able to create positive change in their schools and communities.

The first two weeks of the month-long program focus on building leadership skills, teamwork, and training. JC participants will spend the second two weeks engaged in hands-on leadership and camp counseling experience while working with younger campers and experienced counselors.

Teens benefit greatly from a camp experience and GAC’s JC Program is no exception! This program is a fun, engaging, and fulfilling opportunity for our former GAC campers completing grades 10 and 11. Let us know if you have questions or need additional information.

Junior Counselor Application Opens December 15


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