Tuition Payment & Cancellation Policy

Tuition Payment

At the time of enrollment, for each one-, two-, or three-week session enrolled, there is a deposit due.  Before February 1, 2024, a $750 tuition deposit is due for each session. From February 1, 2024, to March 14, 2024, a $1500 deposit is due for each session.  From March 15, 2024, to April 30, 2024, a $2250 deposit is due for each session.  

In the example of a camper enrolling for four weeks (two 2-week sessions), a $1,500 tuition deposit (2x the two-week deposit) is collected at the time of enrollment before February 1. A $3,000 deposit is collected for enrollments between February 1, 2024 to March 14, 2024, and a $4,500 deposit is collected for enrollments between March 15, 2024 to April 30, 2024. After May 1, 2024, the entire tuition is due upon enrollment. 

The options for payment of the remainder of any tuition are: 1) Payment of the remaining tuition balance (by September 30, 2023, to receive an additional discount), or 2) Payment of the tuition balance in equal installments on the following dates that are remaining at the time of enrollment: February 1, March 15, and May 1. All payments must be made either by credit card (a 3.0% convenience fee will apply) or e-check. Installment payments will be processed using the payment option (credit card or e-check) on file automatically on each installment date as a condition of enrollment.

Late Arrival/Early Departure from Camp

Late arrivals and early departures from camp are disruptive to the camper’s overall experience, negatively impact their cabin group, and require extra staffing. Our community-focused program is intentionally set up to allow for friendships and group bonding to start on the first day of camp and for important closure activities to occur at the end of the session. 

When enrolling your child in a session at camp, please make sure your child is able to stay for the entire session (start date through end date). Because it is disruptive to camp and the other campers in the group, late arrivals and early departures from camp are highly discouraged. If our session dates do not work for your family, please find a different session or postpone your child’s stay at camp until he/she can attend a complete session. Unless there is a medical or family emergency that arises during the camp session, early departure from camp will result in your family not being eligible for priority enrollment for the following summer.

Cancellation Policy

Before September 1, 2023, there is no cancellation fee.  Beginning September 1, 2023, a fee of $150 per one-, two, or three-week session will apply for each cancellation received before February 1, 2024.  A fee of $300 will apply per one-, two-, or three-week session for each cancellation received before March 15, 2024, and a fee of $500 will apply per one-, two- or three-week session for each cancellation received before May 1, 2024.

No refunds will be given for cancellations after May 1, 2024.

If you feel there is a significant chance of needing to cancel enrollment, especially after May 1, 2024, we suggest you consider the TravMark Program Protector travel insurance program, only available to purchase during the enrollment process (or within 20 days after initial payment). Each family should evaluate this “Cancel For Any Reason” insurance plan carefully and determine if it is a good fit for their circumstances. Be aware that the plan pays out 75% of tuition when using the Cancel For Any Reason Benefit.

A single exception to our cancelation policy is made for campers who suffer a physical illness or injury on or after May 1, 2024, and whose attending physician certifies in writing that the illness or injury will not allow the camper to safely participate in any offered camp session. In this event, we will refund the camper’s tuition less a cancellation fee of $500.

Campers who arrive at camp late or leave early will receive pro-rata refunds only when it is the result of the camper’s physical injury or illness, certified by his or her physician. Homesickness or dismissal from camp are not grounds for refund.

Payments for additional options such as store credit and bus transportation will be fully refunded at the time of cancellation.

Camp Tuition Insurance

We recommend families purchase camp tuition insurance to help cover camp fees in the event you want or need to cancel due to scheduling conflicts, illness (including COVID-19), etc. Program Protector Insurance is available during the online application process. Please evaluate each insurance plan carefully and determine which plan is the best fit for your circumstances. If you have questions about the plan options, please call MH Ross directly at 833-297-2258. You may also choose to purchase your insurance from another company.


For the 2024 season, there are two opportunities to receive a tuition discount: 1) Enroll and pay the full tuition before September 30, 2023, and receive a five percent tuition discount; and 2) Enroll a second child from the same household, and receive a 6% tuition discount for the child with the lower tuition value. Receive a nine or twelve percent tuition discount for enrolling a third or fourth child from the same household, respectively.

Important Dates for the 2024 Season

August 1 – Enrollment Begins for returning camp families (and their siblings) and any campers who were wait-listed for summer 2023

September 16 – Open Enrollment Begins (new camp families)

September 30 –  Pay In Full Discount Ends

November 1 – Enrollment Deadline to Receive Holiday Gift

February 1 – Tuition Installment #1 Due

March 15 – Tuition Installment #2 Due

May 1 – Tuition Installment #3 Due