GATA Webinar – September 9

Our GATA (Gold Arrow Teacher Academy) program had a great turnout for our first webinar and we are so excited to continue on this journey with everyone. There is still time to register for GATA and our next webinar is quickly approaching. Join us on September 9 at 5pm PT/8pm ET as we gather to discuss how to create a positive classroom culture and keep it going throughout the year. We will provide you with strategies for creating a positive classroom culture – a place where kids look forward to going each day and don’t want to leave!

To learn more about GATA and to register for an individual or school membership, please visit

As a GATA member, you will be able to join us for a monthly webinar, engage in weekly teacher chats, and receive no-prep or low-prep connection activities delivered to your email inbox weekly from the experts at fun, friendship, and growth.

To view our first webinar, click here. To access our first PDF which provides you with a list of activities to foster online classroom connections, click here.

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By: Brittany "Delta" Grissett