Episode 53.

Today we’re joined on the POG-Cast by Gold Arrow Camp’s Chief Visionary Officer, Sunshine! She talks about writing books, what she loves about camp, and how she and Monkey came to run camp. It’s easily the longest episode of the POG ever, but it’s well worth the time. There’s also a garden implement for the Joke of the Cast and Sunshine reads the GACspiration!

In the episode I promised to link to some of Sunshine’s other projects, so here are those promised links:

Sunshine Parenting Podcast:

Sunshine Parenting Blog:

Sunshine’s Book:


Episode 52

This week Soy is having a small Morning Assembly reunion as the co-host of the Squiggy show, Squatch, is his guest. They talk about what it’s like to portray one of the planet’s most famous singers on the Big Campfire stage as well as the amazing power of 7-year-old girls. There’s also a reptile-themed Joke of the Cast and a GACspiration that should inspire you!


Episode 51

This time on the POG-Cast, we are joined by a former camper who was a photographer at camp for 2019, Swish! Swish has great insights as someone who consumed camp pictures when she was a camper, but also as a person who takes those pictures now as a camp photographer. There’s also a J.R.R. Tolkien based GACspiration and a Joke of the Cast that Soy really enjoyed.


Episode 50

For the 50th episode of the POG-Cast, Soy was joined by Crash, who had amazing thoughts to share about the connections he made with campers. Unplugging and connecting face to face is one of our core values at GAC, and it was amazing to hear Crash share about the connections he made this summer. Soy also rounded up special guests for the Joke of the Cast and the GACspiration!


Episode 49

Sailing instructor Oyster joins Soy from Leeds University in England. They had a long discussion about the way camp allows campers to really be in charge. They also talked about the benefits of cultural exchange in the J-1 summer camp counselor visa program. Soy shares a friendship tip and a joke of the cast!


Episode 48

On this week’s POG-Cast, Soy and Magic sit down and chat about what camp holds for campers that come back year after year, and how Magic ended up working with a co-counselor she first met when they were both 7! There’s a great Dad joke for the Joke of the Cast, a new friendship theme, and a great GACspiration.


Episode 47.

Luna, who is a student at the Art Institute of Chicago as well as being an Arts & Crafts Counselor at GAC, stopped by the POG-Cast to chat about art, creation, and her favorite parts of working at camp. In addition to being an Arts & Crafts Counselor, Luna was also a Group Counselor for a session in 2019, so she had great insights into what it was like to do both of those jobs. There’s also a GACspiration and a dad-joke-based Joke of the Cast.


Episode 46

This week, Soy is joined by Hilly, who came to camp on a J-1 Summer Camp Counselor Visa last year. They talk about what Hilly learned about the United States, the hardest and easiest parts of being a Group Counselor, and the POG-Cast speed round. There’s a reptile based Joke of the Cast and an artistic GACspiration.


Episode 45

It’s a Hoosier state reunion as Van (Fort Wayne) joins Soy (Kokomo) on the POG-Cast. They have a great chat about being a near-peer mentor. They also talk about trying new things and how she discovered jicama! Joke of the Cast takes on the Haloween season and Sunshine drops in with a GACspiration.


Episode 44.

Simba drops by the show today. He is the winner of the 2019 Ken “Coach” Baker award. Simba talks with Soy about how camp changed since his first year (15 years ago!). He also shares a ton of wisdom about the important things that don’t change at camp and tells great stories about him dancing and why his name was almost “Fez.”