Episode 59

On this episode of the POG-Cast, Soy sits down with our Director of Parent and Camper Services, Chelster. Chelster has been with Gold Arrow Camp literally as long as she’s been alive. It was a real treat to talk with her about what she loves about camp and the impact camp has on kids. As usual, there’s a Joke of the Cast and a GACspiration.


Episode 58

On this episode, it’s a Morning Assembly reunion, as Evergreen joins Soy to talk about camp. Evergreen has a long history with camp and has experienced it as both a staff member and a parent. She has great insights about what makes camp special, which was really cool to hear. Soy shares some of his Dad’s work history in the Joke of the Cast and Victor Frankl supplies the GACspiration


Episode 57.

On this episode, Soy and Birks sat down to chat about camp. They covered many topics, but a key part of the discussion was about the job of being a camp counselor, and what you can learn in that job that is applicable outside of camp. Birks even shared why she thought that being a counselor was better training than being an intern. There’s a family story in the Joke of the Cast and Sunshine delivers a great GACspiration.

In the episode, Soy mentions that he’ll share some resources about why camp is better than an internship. Here are some of those resources.

The New York Times, The Camp Counselor vs. The Intern

Alison “Bean” Moeschberger, Camp Director, The Greatest Internship

Audrey “Sunshine” Monke, Sunshine Parenting Author, Why Being a Camp Counselor is the Best Summer Job

Leah Mesches, ACA, Can I Really Afford to Spend Another Summer at Camp?

Work at GAC (and yes, we can work with your university to make this summer a paid internship!)


Episode 56

Today was a special day for Soy because he got to have one of his best camp friends on the POG. Tank, who worked alongside Soy on the operations team at camp and who is a vital part of Morning Assembly, joined the POG-Cast from Vail, Colorado to talk about coming to camp, living in the mountains, and the most requested song at dances and Morning Assembly. There’s a superhero-themed Joke of the Cast and Ralph Waldo Emerson provided the GACspiration.



Episode 55

Lyric’s back! The POG-Cast’s all-time most featured guest, Rocks & Ropes Counselor Lyric, is back! This time he and Soy talked about what it’s like to have your family at camp. They also got to talk about how camp allows kids to be leaders. Soy lands a solid Joke of the Cast and there’s a New Year’s appropriate GACspiration.


Episode 54.

Today Soy is joined on the POG-Cast by longtime camper and staff member Dobby. They have a wonderful chat about what it’s like to do the same job at camp that her dad did under Manny Vezie and discuss memories at camp. There’s an aquatic Joke of the Cast and a GACspiration that asks you to take some action!


Episode 53.

Today we’re joined on the POG-Cast by Gold Arrow Camp’s Chief Visionary Officer, Sunshine! She talks about writing books, what she loves about camp, and how she and Monkey came to run camp. It’s easily the longest episode of the POG ever, but it’s well worth the time. There’s also a garden implement for the Joke of the Cast and Sunshine reads the GACspiration!

In the episode I promised to link to some of Sunshine’s other projects, so here are those promised links:

Sunshine Parenting Podcast:

Sunshine Parenting Blog:

Sunshine’s Book:


Episode 52

This week Soy is having a small Morning Assembly reunion as the co-host of the Squiggy show, Squatch, is his guest. They talk about what it’s like to portray one of the planet’s most famous singers on the Big Campfire stage as well as the amazing power of 7-year-old girls. There’s also a reptile-themed Joke of the Cast and a GACspiration that should inspire you!


Episode 51

This time on the POG-Cast, we are joined by a former camper who was a photographer at camp for 2019, Swish! Swish has great insights as someone who consumed camp pictures when she was a camper, but also as a person who takes those pictures now as a camp photographer. There’s also a J.R.R. Tolkien based GACspiration and a Joke of the Cast that Soy really enjoyed.


Episode 50

For the 50th episode of the POG-Cast, Soy was joined by Crash, who had amazing thoughts to share about the connections he made with campers. Unplugging and connecting face to face is one of our core values at GAC, and it was amazing to hear Crash share about the connections he made this summer. Soy also rounded up special guests for the Joke of the Cast and the GACspiration!