Episode 68.

Chai is a long-time GAC staff member. She’s met innumerable campers in her time leading backpacking trips and working in the wellness center. Now she’s getting to see camp through the eyes of her nieces who came to camp for the first time this summer. In honor of the Grammys there’s a musically themed joke of the cast from a very pleased Soy.


Episode 67.


Our guest this time on the POG-Cast is a fan favorite: Mariachi. He started as an international camper, then was a Junior Counselor, and spent 2021 as a counselor at Rocks & Ropes. He and Soy have a wide-ranging conversation, discussing what it’s like to come to camp for the first time in another country to which Bear Trap counselor makes the best popcorn. If you are curious about coming to GAC from outside the US, this is a great episode. There’s also a Joke of the Day that Soy enjoyed more than he should have.


Episode 66.


This time on the POG-Cast we have one of our long-time staffers. A former camper, a lover of baseball and fishing, a leader of the OLC, and a boat driver extraordinaire, Taz was a really fun chat and a great way for Soy to slide back into the POG-Cast for Season 5! Joke of the Cast is here to help brighten any day too!

Squid & Foxtrot

Episode 65


In the triumphant return of the interview-based POG-Cast, Sunshine sits down with sister and brother Squid and Foxtrot to discuss what it’s like to come to camp and also to work with your sibling. Squid and Foxtrot were just one of the 18 sets of siblings we had on our camp staff this summer.  You can see the other siblings at



Whadda Week! August 23, 2021

Frames and Cabin 3 host this week’s episode of WHADDA WEEK! We’ve started off Mini Camp/Shaver Specialty Week with tons of fun and we look forward to packing our next few days together with activities and special events.

WHADDA WEEK! August 14, 2021

Bravo, Soap, and the members of Cabin 24 (with a guest appearance by some of Cabin 22) host this week’s episode of WHADDA WEEK! Find out what’s happening at GAC this second week of Session #4, learn about some highlights of camp so far for these kids, and hear about some of the friendship skills that they’ve been practicing.

Whadda Week! August 2, 2021

Bravo and Cabin 24 host this week’s episode of Whadda Week. Find out what’s going on this second week of Session #3, 2021!

Whadda Week! July 25, 2021

Our Session 3 JCs (Junior Counselors) host this week’s episode of Whadda Week!

Get to know them and hear their goals for Session 3.


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Whadda Week! July 18, 2021

It’s the second week of Session #2 here at Gold Arrow Camp. With help from Hooper and Sunshine, Olivia, Hadley, Lindsay, & Dove (Cabin 18) host this week’s episode of Whadda Week!

Whadda Week! July 12, 2021

Hosts Bravo and Frames, along with Cabin 27, kick off Session #2 with this week’s episode of WHADDA WEEK!