Episode 40.

The GAC POG-Cast is over the hill! We’re also over the moon that April joined us to talk about her role as a photographer at camp last summer. She also had great insight on how to deal with the fear that coming to camp sometimes creates in campers. Soy is back to playing guitar and telling Dad jokes and there’s a GACspiration too!

Holly Feller

Episode 39.

On Episode 39, Soy is joined by longtime camp parent Holly Feller. Holly has sent her 3 kids to GAC for the last 7 years. She has really great insight into what changes camp creates in kids. She also talks about what she tells people who can’t believe she sends her kids to camp for 7 weeks and shares what job she would want if she came to work at camp. There’s a food-themed Joke of the Cast and a GACspiration from Kurt Vonnegut.


Episode 38.

On this episode, former camper (and current Head Counselor) Frames joined Soy. They had a great chat about why being a camp counselor is better than taking an internship and what she was most nervous about when she came to camp for the first time at eight years old. There’s also a great oceanic Joke of the Cast and we learn all about Frames’ dog’s name, which Soy enjoys more than he should.

REX and the OLC

Episode 37.

On the 37th episode of the Gold Arrow Camp POG-Cast, we’re chatting with a camper who had his life changed by the Outdoor Leadership Course. REX, who has also completed our Junior Counselor program, sat down with Soy to talk about what made the OLC special and how the lessons he learned on the trail have impacted him at school and beyond.


Episode 36

On episode 36 of the POG-Cast, we’re talking with Wolfie about backpacking and the Outdoor Leadership Course. Wolfie led OLC trips in 2017 and 2018 and has amazing things to say about the experience for teens. We still have space in our second OLC for 2019, which you can find out more about on this page. If you would like to hear more about the OLC, you can also check out the third ever episode of this very podcast, where Soy chatted with Mac and some OLC participants about the trip. Today’s episode also features a joke about seafood and music as well as a brand new GACspiration about love.


Episode 35.

On Episode 35 of the GAC POG-Cast, Soy was joined by Moana. Moana came to camp only knowing one person, and had a great summer. Her insights into how to get the most out of camp when you’re pretty new to the culture and community of GAC were outstanding for new campers and first year staff as well.

Mrs. Friedman and Jojo’s Cake

Episode 34.


On Episode 34 Soy is joined by Shari Friedman who sent us a picture of her daughter’s GAC themed birthday cake. The conversation started with the cake but also talked about how counselors have an impact on campers, the friends that kids make at camp, and how camp changes her daughters every year.  In addition, Soy shares a GACspiration and a Joke of the Cast about education.




Episode 33

On Episode 33 of the Gold Arrow Camp POG-Cast, we’re joined by Bugz, who spent most of her childhood being a camper, OLC hiker, and Junior Counselor before joining us as a Group Counselor this year. Soy plays and sings this week, Sunshine shares words of wisdom about sunbeams and there’s an oceanic Joke of the Cast!


Episode 32.


On this episode of the as-yet-unacclaimed GAC POG-Cast Soy and Avo sat down and chatted about what it’s like to come to camp as a new person and why she enjoyed teaching watersports last summer. Soy plays guitar, there’s a GACspiration, and a Dad Joke of the Cast.

Lyric Returns

Episode 31.


On this episode of the GAC POG-Cast, Soy is joined by his first ever return guest, Lyric. Lyric was in the studio to chat about his second year on staff and what it was like to become a Group Counselor this summer. As usual, there’s a GACspiration as well as Joke of the Cast inspired by a great Disney movie.