BONUS EPISODE: Sunshine & Soy Talk About How Counselors Bring GAC’s Philosophy To Life

We don’t have a patreon and so far Spotify hasn’t offered the POG-Cast an exclusive deal. We’ll never put our episodes behind a paywall, but we thought we should do what so many other podcasts do and share a bonus episode!

On this special episode of the Gold Arrow Camp POG-Cast, Soy and Sunshine got rid of our usual format and just talked about camp and what makes camp special, with a focus on how our amazing counselors deliver that experience and what we as a camp want them to get out of the experience. (spoiler alert, our goals for counselors are NOT to Have Fun, Make Friends, and Grow – even if that does happen!)

We hope you enjoy this look behind the curtain and are looking forward to our format shift for the summer, when the POG-Cast becomes Whadda Week (and recaps the week at camp). We’ll be right back here, in your feed as soon as camp is in full swing again!


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