Be You! Self Reflection for 2020

We’ve really enjoyed sharing our 2020 Summer Theme with you: Be You!  As this year comes to a close and we embark on a new year in just a few weeks, take some time to reflect on the weekly Be You challenge questions below. 

Hopefully, you jotted down some notes throughout the series, or perhaps you finally have time to dig into these now. Either way, this is a great exercise to finish out the year and get started on narrowing down your One Word for 2021. 

As we all know, 2020 has been quite a year of challenges, cancellations, and distanced everything. Through it all, being your truly authentic self can set you up to bring positive changes to the world, help you find the silver linings, and be your best self. 


Our 2020 and 2021 campers will receive a downloadable Be You journal this month! Keep an eye out for the journal and printable inspirational posters in parent and camper email inboxes.


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