Our favorite thoughts from I Heart Camp Day

Every year on February 1st, we celebrate one of our favorite holidays, I Heart Camp Day. Campers and staff join us in this online celebration of camp by taking pictures and tagging us and #IHeartCampDay. These are some of our favorite submissions from 2017. For a full gallery, you can check out the photo gallery in the news section of our website.

Camper Poetry For I Heart Camp Day

Former camper Erin P. sent us this poem that she composed at school when she was asked to compose a poem about something she missed and loved. 

Slept Away

Erin P.

Gold Arrow Camp;
The Home where everyone’s a champ.
The place I miss dearly,
because I used to go yearly.

Smiles, friendship, and memories,
are all objects of treasury.
My cabin mates lead me towards that way,
so I could experience more everyday.

On my last night,
I felt as if I was a knight.
But instead of going to battle,
I received my paddle.

Tears rolled down my face,
but I knew this wasn’t any type of place.
I’d be back,
and I know it’s a definite fact.

I’ll become a JC in 2018,
and make everyone feel like kings and queens,
I’ll then become a counselor in 2020,
and share my love of camp with many.

Long Distance Shout Out

Long time staff member Orange is currently in Bolivia, and sent us this picture, which features local transportation and a homemade sign!

An amazing picture of an amazing place

JC “Sneezy”  sent this shot from the JC backpacking trip. 


A heartfelt caption on I Heart Camp Day

Longtime camper and staff member Caroline “Gaga” Zigrang had these amazing things to say about why she loves camp. 

A Picture That Says More Than a 1000 words about camp

Camper Remi F. sent us this shot, which shows what so many people love about camp, the friendships!

We feel the same way! Thanks again for your many contributions to I Heart Camp Day. We can’t wait to make new memories this summer for you to share next February 1st.