How To Pack For Camp

Packing for camp is the start of your child’s independent camp experience. Please have your child participate in packing for camp so that he/she knows where to find their clothing and other items. Campers who don’t participate in packing often don’t know what they have or where to find things at camp, which makes it harder to get acclimated to camp. Click HERE for the PDF formatted packing list.




  • For our two-week (and longer) sessions, we recommend campers pack in two pieces of luggage. One larger piece (soft-sided trunk or footlocker) can be used for most of the camper’s clothing. A smaller duffle bag can be used for sleeping bag, pillow, and other equipment that doesn’t fit in the main piece of luggage. The smaller duffle bag will be used for travel to and from Shaver Lake. For campers traveling by air and coming with only one piece of luggage, a backpack or small sport-sized duffle bag can be packed within your main bag and used for the Shaver trip. A small backpack is also useful for carrying a towel, shower supplies, or other equipment around the camp.


  • All luggage must be tagged with camper’s name. We will send luggage tags one month prior to your child’s session. Additional luggage tags will be available at the bus stops and camp on the first day of each session.




  • All of your camper’s clothing and belongings must be clearly labeled with your camper’s full name. Items that are not labeled are unlikely to be returned to your camper after being sent to our camp laundry or if lost in the cabin or around camp.




  • Our terrain at camp is rough and uneven, and appropriate footwear is a safety requirement. Please make sure your camper has at least one pair of closed-heal and closed-toe shoes that have adequate tread for walking on rocks, dirt, and other uneven surfaces. Running shoes, hiking shoes, or other athletic footwear work well at camp, as long as they fit the camper well and have adequate tread. Other types of shoes (flip flops, Crocs, Converse, etc.) can be worn in the cabin and at the waterfront, but closed-heal, closed-toe shoes must be worn while walking around camp, participating in activities, and traveling to and from camp.


Little Ones


  • For younger campers, we recommend placing outfits in large zip lock bags or rolling outfits together. Roll together a t-shirt, shorts, underwear, and socks to create one outfit.




  • Gold Arrow Camp is located at 7000 feet elevation, and our night time, mountain temperatures can get very chilly. Be sure your camper’s sleeping bag is rated to at least 30o (or lower), so that your camper will be warm at night. Sleeping bags used for indoor, overnight sleeping are not sufficiently insulated for camp use.


What Not To Bring


  • Do not send any of these items, as they are not allowed: food, candy (including gum), cash, water guns, silly string, water balloons, sling shots (or any other weapons), electronic games, cell phones, fireworks, knives, matches, lighters, tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs. Items such as cell phones, iPods, game boys, etc. will be sent home and the postage will be charged to the camper’s store account. For campers traveling by air, iPods, cell phones, and travel money can be held in our office.


  • Do not send valuable items such as expensive cameras and jewelry. We recommend campers use a disposable camera marked with their name. These can be purchased in the camp store.


  • Send old clothes that do not require dry cleaning or special washing. Laundry is done once per session. Do not purchase new or irreplaceable items for camp, as they could get lost.


  • Please do not send any personal athletic equipment (water skis, fishing poles, etc.). We provide top quality equipment that is sized for our campers.
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