11 Ways to Help Kids Create REAL Connections

By Audrey “Sunshine” Monke, Camp Director

In addition to keeping campers safe and healthy, forming close connections with our campers is our counselors’ most important job.

I’ve written extensively about our Connection Before Connection philosophy and about how forming REALationships with campers is the most important thing great counselors do.

As parents, I believe connecting with our kids is equally important. I’ve compiled a list from some of my favorite resources about ways to foster close connections with our kids – and everyone else we care about.

1. Acknowledge feelings

2. Empathize

3. Make people feel seen, heard, and valued.

4. Hug often.

5. Play together.

6. Give your full attention

7. Daily debrief

8. Smile

9. Use screens to foster connections.

10. Be you

11. Daily rest and reflection