Whadda Week!

We’ve had a terrific start to Session 1 with a week full of new friendships, new challenges, and a whole lot of bucket filling!


One of our favorite ways to fill each other’s buckets has been writing WOWs. The WOW record was set this week on Thursday, when there were 134 encouraging notes written in one day! Each morning at assembly, Cheerio reads a few of the WOWs from the previous day, and then all of the notes are delivered in the camp mail. WOWs are a fun camp tradition that reminds us to thank, compliment, and celebrate each other.

Stat of the Day

A new and fun addition to morning assembly has been the “Stat of the Day.” Each day, Soy and the other hosts present a stat challenge question. Each cabin group can put one guess into the yellow “Stat of the Day” box. The winning guess gets the special “Stat of the Day” trophy on their Dining table for the next day. A few of the stats from this week include:

How many big boxes were delivered in our food service delivery?
Answer: 254

How many individual cereal box servings were in the commissary?
Answer: 798

Special Events

We love having special days here at camp. They give us an excuse to dress up (or stay in our jammies) or just get a little crazy. Here are a few picture highlights from this week’s special events:

Pajama Breakfast

Cabin Theme Day

Crazy Cranium Day

Singing & Dancing

We’ve been belting out lots of songs, including Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” on the Dining Porch during meals. Campers and staff have also been showing up early to morning assembly for some extra dance time.

Have you been keeping up with Whadda Day?

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Coming up in Session 1, Week 2

We’ve got more fun planned for the second week of the session, including Carnival Day (Sunday), International Day (Tuesday), the Super Hero Dance (Thursday), and our end of session celebration banquet and Appreciation Campfire (Friday). We’re also going to be focusing on some important friendship skills, including asking questions & listening, staying calm, and being a great friend.

The second week of the session always flies by here at GAC, and we are going to make the most of our time together by remembering to have fun, make friends, and grow!

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