Today’s Friendship Tip: Find Your Best Calm Down Strategy

Today at Morning Assembly, we talked about the important skill of learning to “unflip our lids” by figuring out our go-to calm down strategies for when we’re feeling irritated, frustrated, annoyed, or angry with our friends. We talked about how it’s important to learn how to “unflip our lids” when we’re upset.

Flipping Your Lid

We talked with campers about how sometimes we “Flip our Lids” and how being a good friend to others means learning good strategies for calming ourselves down so that we can interact with our friends in ways that build up – not tear down – our friendships. We talked about how when our lids are flipped, our thinking brain isn’t in charge and we’re being led by our big feelings. When our lids are flipped, we often say or do things that make our friends feel bad and that we later regret.

We shared our brief summary of Dr. Dan Siegel’s Hand Brain Model with campers:

And we’ve shared this poster with campers so they can see a visual about a flipped verses unflipped brain.

Calm Down Strategies

We then had campers share their favorite calm-down strategies, and they had so many! We also shared this poster with more ideas:



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