Clothing Labels

One FAQ that parents (especially first year families!) ask as they prepare for camp is, “How do I label everything for camp?”  This is a great question and an important one.  At GAC, we ask that all items (clothing, water bottles, toothpaste, etc.) are labeled prior to your camper’s arrival.  If a camper misplaces something or an item is mixed up in the laundry, if it’s labeled, it will most likely end up back with the camper.

Label types have varied over the years: iron-on, marked by hand, and stick-on.  All of the GAC directors have children who attend camp and have firsthand knowledge of the different label types and techniques and can commiserate with the frustration of discovering 10 labels (2o+ if they have siblings!) stuck to the inside of the washing machine!  Based on experience, we are recommending the following label options in order of preference:

  1.  Use a permanent marker (aka “Sharpie”) to write the camper’s first initial and last name.  This is an easy and cost effective method.  Be sure to be consistent with the labeling and avoid the use of initials only.  Tip: use a silver marker for dark clothing!
  2. Iron-on labels work well.  It’s a time consuming task but those pre-made labels tend to stay on longer than stick-on labels and won’t damage items that don’t have clothing tags.
  3. Stick-on labels are great for non-clothing items such as toiletries, shoes, and flashlights.  Even the youngest campers can help with this labeling task!

Which ever method you choose, just remember to label everything, even socks and undies!



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