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Learning about our Trees

Vanilla Tree

Smelling our favorite tree, The Vanilla Tree!

In our expanded Nature program this summer, we’re learning to identify the five most common trees we have in camp – Jeffrey Pine, White Fir, Red Fir, Lodgepole Pine, and Sierra Juniper.

Camp Director Alison “Bean” Moeschberger worked with Welker’s Tree Nursery to get some saplings of those varieties and also some Giant Sequoias (state tree of CA).

The tree activity involves learning to identifying trees by looking at bark, pine needles, and cones,finding pine cones and seeds, and measuring the circumference of the Jeffrey Pines in order to estimate their age.

We have one tree in camp that is estimated to be 440 years old!IMG_7319

In addition to learning to identify trees, we’ve also partnered with the Center for Outdoor Ethics to pilot a Leave No Trace curriculum for camps. At our OREO (hiking), Nature, and Backpacking programs this summer, campers are learning the philosophy of Leave No Trace and learning how to implement it as good stewards of our environment!