Psychologist Signe Whitson Trains Our Staff

Author and internationally recognized speaker Signe Whitson (Parenting the Challenging Child) spent the day yesterday training GAC staff on helping campers through anxious situations, identifying and preventing bullying, and understanding how to respond when campers are having strong emotions.

Signe, who took on her own camp name of “Ginger”, is a certified school social worker with 20 years of experience working with children, teens, and families.  She presents customized training workshops for professionals, parents, and students on topics related to understanding and ending bullying, managing anger in children, and intervening effectively in crisis situations in schools and treatment organizations. She is an expert on child psychology, bullying (and bullying prevention) and managing anger and anxiety in children. She is also the author of 7 books.

Sunshine & Signe Whitson, holding each other’s books.

Signe trained GAC staff to help them understand the challenges that young people face, and they can best respond to children who are in distress of any kind.

If you’d like to read more about Signe or look at her books, more information is available on her website.

You can also listen to Signe’s interview with Sunshine on the Sunshine Parenting podcast: Ep. 66: Is it Rude, Is it Mean, or is it Bullying?

Signe’s Psychology Today article:  Is it Rude, Is it Mean, or is it Bullying?

Other Books by Signe Whitson:

The 8 Keys to End Bullying ACTIVITY BOOK for Kids & Tweens (and companion guide)

8 Keys to End Bullying: Strategies for Parents & Schools

Friendship & Other Weapons: Group Activities to Help Young Girls Ages 5-11 to Cope with Bullying

How to Be Angry: An Assertive Anger Expression Group Guide for Kids and Teens

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