Here at GAC, we’ve long believed that one of the things we empower our campers to do is to make positive changes in the world. We’ve spent a long time working with campers so that they can go back to their communities and share the kindness, friendship skills, and love of nature that they developed at camp.

Now we want to help campers change the world in other ways. That’s why we’ve launched what we’re calling GACtivism! Get it? GAC + Activism = GACtivism. Before he was a Camp Director, Soy was a high school government teacher for 14 years. In that time, he helped thousands of students write and send letters to their elected officials about important issues in their communities. Now he’s asking you to do the same:


To summarize the video, we know that we can operate camp responsibly in a world with COVID. We just need the state of California to give us guidelines for how they would like us to do it. We’ve been preparing on our own using the American Camp Association’s Field Guide for camps. However, we don’t yet know what California will require, and how it will align with the Field Guide. Whatever the state asks us to do to prevent the spread of COVID at camp, we’ll do, and we need to know what those requirements are now so that we can start planning for camp. We need your help to remind elected officials that camps like us need to know what the requirements for 2021 will be now–not right before the summer starts.

What can you do?

Go to, click on California, and follow the simple steps to send a letter to your elected officials. It might seem hard or scary, but it isn’t. You just have to let them know how important GAC is to you and how important it is that they help us get guidance for next summer.

We appreciate your help!

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