Episode 57.

On this episode, Soy and Birks sat down to chat about camp. They covered many topics, but a key part of the discussion was about the job of being a camp counselor, and what you can learn in that job that is applicable outside of camp. Birks even shared why she thought that being a counselor was better training than being an intern. There’s a family story in the Joke of the Cast and Sunshine delivers a great GACspiration.

In the episode, Soy mentions that he’ll share some resources about why camp is better than an internship. Here are some of those resources.

The New York Times, The Camp Counselor vs. The Intern

Alison “Bean” Moeschberger, Camp Director, The Greatest Internship

Audrey “Sunshine” Monke, Sunshine Parenting Author, Why Being a Camp Counselor is the Best Summer Job

Leah Mesches, ACA, Can I Really Afford to Spend Another Summer at Camp?

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