“Gold Arrow Camp is a magical place that allows your child to grow in ways that you did not even think were possible. Your child will come home a better version of themselves. It is hard to put into words exactly what kind of transformation takes place at camp but your child will be more independent, more confident, and more willing to take risks. I wish that I could be a child again so that I could go to GAC.” – Holly Feller

“Our daughter’s first time at sleep away camp couldn’t have gone better. GAC walked us through every step of the process to get ready for the Mini Camp experience, from packing her bag to homesickness preparedness. When she arrived at camp (via the bus ride) we never felt out of touch since we received daily updates via photos and even a reassuring letter from her mid week. She came home bursting with excitement about all of the activities she had tried, the new friends she had made, and wanting to return next summer. The setting, staff, equipment and food are all top notch – but the added bonus is the self esteem, confidence, and independence she gained by trying new things and forging her way through a week away from everything and everyone she knows. We recommend GAC to all of her friends now.” – Neysa Siefert

“There are no two ways about it. It is quite simply my kids’ two favorite weeks of the year. End of story.” – Brad Douglas

“Our sons have been attending GAC for the past three years. It is absolutely the highlight of their summer! They are always excited to go, never homesick, and want to stay longer every year! The counselors are incredible with the kids, they are very encouraging of kids to be themselves and be accepting of others while participating in so many fun activities. Our boys LOVE the food at GAC and have made so many great memories there. I truly have seen their personal growth in their self confidence and independence from attending GAC. I wish every child had the opportunity to attend such a fun, positive, summer camp. We certainly feel very fortunate that our boys have had this opportunity. Thanks GAC!!” – Amy Wilson

“GAC is incredibly well run and organized and truly concerned with providing a fun, memorable growth experience for kids. We are grateful to have found such a great camp!” – Cate Schumacher

“Our kids say that going to a summer at GAC was one of the best experiences of their lives. They also said that their positive camp experience far outweighed the inital homesickness that was experienced by them the first few days. They wanted to sign up for the summer of 2017 the day we picked them up from camp!” – Melanie Weinrot

“My daughter came home so relaxed and happy with herself and ready to go back into sports and school with a calm and collected mindset.” – Tami Hathaway

“I truly believe that a huge part of my girls’ love of the camp is that they are required to disconnect from their everyday lives…..electronics, cell phones, texting, cars, traffic, television, peer pressure, fashion rules, makeup, schedules. Even though they do not tell me directly, I truly believe that subconsciously they crave the simplicity of their two weeks at Gold Arrow. Kids today are exposed to too much seriousness every day of their lives. Gold Arrow gives them an opportunity to just “be” with caring people who don’t care about your outfit, where you live, how messy your hair is, how silly you sing or act, or what grade you got on a test. And not having Mom and Dad breathing down your neck every day definitely empowers kids to be independent, take some risks, and feel confident in themselves.” – Keri Trujillo 

“After five summers of experiences as a parent at GAC, I have been consistently impressed every year with how well-run the camp is. I know with total confidence that my children will be very well taken care of when I put them on the bus and never worry again about them. I am grateful for how well thought-through the camp philosophy is regarding the experience, including the children’s growth, their peer group and the supervision they are given.”  – Gwyn Thiessen

“Our son realized that he could take care of himself! He put his lip balm on and lotion on his hands everyday! He took care of his teeth and braces and even washed his face. Our son was extremely nervous to go to camp. This experience let him realize that he could try anything and he pushed himself to do things that he never ever dreamed of doing. Thank you Gold Arrow for all of his new confidence level and independence.” – Greg Sinderbrand

“My daughter is very quiet and I worried she would get lost in the crowd at camp. However, she had the best time ever. She loved her counsellors, all the new friends she made, and came home a little more confident than when she left.” – Mia Williams

“Our son had such an amazing time this summer at GAC….the first thing he said when he got off the bus was “I am definitely going back next year!” The minute he got home, he was already in contact with his cabin mates. His two weeks were filled with trying new things and forming new friendships. Thank you for making this happen for him!”  – Daniele Pollin

“Sending both my kids to GAC has created a special bond between them. GAC is their own little world to experience together, and independently from their parents. A great stepping stone towards full independence.” – Kate DeYoe

“Camp gives my girls greater confidence and has improved their social skills. They are much more inclined to initiate conversations with people or introduce themselves to others as a result of meeting new people at GAC. Having also had to try new activities, it has given them greater confidence at home and school when it comes to trying new things.” – Rebecca Huntley

“My daughter went to camp the first year with a friend. When the friend decided not to go year two, Annabelle was a bit nervous, but still excited. And, had a wonderful time. It’s a true testament to how amazing the camp is, as she goes now, each summer, not with a friend, but rather to make new friends!” – Jill Chapman

“For our daughter it was just a sublime experience. So many activities to enjoy, the care that the staff has toward each camper is exceptional, the food was great – so many choices each night, the bond that the camp creates among camper, staff and place is truly special – we saw it in our daughter and in the counselors that we met – we have no idea what you do to create that life long bond but you do it making the experience so special.”  – Kenneth Loughran

“GAC is a very special place to grow as a person with the love, support and enthusiasm of the staff and your cabin mates.” – Amy Ross

“This was my son’s first time at Gold Arrow Camp. I must say I was hesitant and nervous about letting him go and be away from his father and I for one whole week (for the very first time) but the look on his face in the online photos said it all. He will be back in 2017 for two weeks! Thank you Gold Arrow! You have excelled.”  – Victoria Thomas

“My child looks forward to GAC every year. Not only is it a great opportunity to engage with great kids and counselors from all over the world, but she loves the variety of physical activities in the outdoors and getting a break from electronics while she is there. Disconnect to connect!!!” – Virginia Sullivan

“GAC is the highlight of our daughter’s summer. She returns from camp all smiles and with more spring in her step. She’s more confident, more independent and has made friends for life.”
– Ann Perrin

“GAC allows kids to be true to themselves while learning such important life skills – making new friends, challenging themselves, and learning to be independent.”  -Caroline Sayers

“We are so proud of our daughter because she successfully completed her first week of sleep away camp! Gold Arrow did an amazing job counseling her and us through her homesickness that she feels very good about “sticking with it” and conquering her fears of being away from home and her family. She’s now looking forward to returning next summer for two weeks to rejoin her new Gold Arrow camp friends! As parents, we couldn’t of asked for a better experience!!!”  – Madison Baffo

“Camp has had the single greatest impact on my daughter’s growth. She not only loved camp but she came back with a keen sense of competence, confidence, and independence. Gold Arrow’s values reflected in my daughter upon return. She saw the value of friends, empowerment and NO electronics!” – Robin Sax

“GAC does it well. From activities, to camp staff to the focus on the campers. Our child will continue to return to camp for the friendships, fun and wonderfulness that GAC provides.” – Wendy Broudy

“Our daughter’s confidence has grown exponentially since starting camp at Gold Arrow 4 years ago. She is becoming much more independent and is able to advocate for herself, even in uncomfortable situations.”  – Wendy McDonald

“Not two days have gone by in the past year when my daughter hasn’t referred to some experience she had or some friend or counselor she met her first summer at GAC.  As we sent her off this summer, we wondered if she would have as good an experience the second time around.  We’re happy to report that year two was even more fabulous than year one! She truly loves this camp and the friends she’s made there, and looks forward to returning all year long.”  – Liz Paymer

“Our daughter had an amazing time at GAC! She adored her counselors and made many new friends. She loved being able to try so many fun new activities she’d never done, like wake-boarding, pontooning, mini-motor boating, and camping outside overnight. She also thrived on being away from her home and her parents and having so much independence… yet, we as parents felt confident knowing she was safe and well cared for a GAC. Thank you!”  – Allison Zimmerman

“Gold Arrow Camp is the best. As an alumni of the camp myself, I couldn’t wait to send my children to GAC. This was my 7-year old daughter’s first year and her first time away from home. She had a blast and raved about all the different activities for weeks. She can’t wait to go back next summer and insisted that 2 weeks is the way to go! Gold Arrow definitely boosted her confidence and made her feel like she can do anything.  We love GAC!”  – Gabi Lebsack Cohen

“My daughter spent her first summer at Gold Arrow and absolutely loved every minute of her two weeks.  She was very apprehensive about being gone for such an extended period of time, but quickly adapted thanks to your wonderful counselors.  She mentioned that the food was delicious, and that everyone was so warm and friendly.  We cannot wait to send our youngest child to your camp someday!”  -Renee Berghoff

“GAC was both of our daughters first time away at camp.  Our oldest was excited and our youngest wasn’t so sure.  From the moment they arrived at check-in at the bus stop they were hooked.  They had so many new experiences from trying new activities to the sleepovers at the lake to trying new foods.  They had amazing counselors and made many new friends.  The first thing they said when they returned home was that they wanted to go back next year – for a month!”  -Rebecca Huntley

“Our son built self, friends, and experiences in a two week adventure that he is so proud to talk about at home.” – Ari Blum

“My son has become an independent and confident young man thanks to Gold Arrow Camp! He loves meeting new friends and trying new activities every summer, and these skills help him to successfully meet any challenge he might face at school or in sports! He counts the days to camp every year, and has many friends he looks forward to seeing again in the summer! I imagine that he will return to GAC down the road as a counselor!” – Leah Fetah

“My son has been to Gold Arrow camp two years in a row and can’t wait to go back next summer. He loved all the activities from sailing to wake boarding, to horseback riding, to ropes course and rock climbing. He loves the counselors and usually comes home with a new card game. My son says the food is delicious and loves meeting the other campers. There are no electronics and he doesn’t even miss them. He is too busy living and loving life when at Gold Arrow Camp!.” – Deanna Sampson

“Gold Arrow is a safe environment for our child to try new activities and reach out and make new friends. Disconnecting emotionally from family and friends at home and disconnecting from technology provides an opportunity for our daughter to have confidence to grow emotionally.”  – David Adler

“For the past 5 years GAC has offered my son a chance to unplug and explore in ways that he cannot at home. The culmination of these 5 years was the month long Junior Counselor program. It was one of the best experiences of his life. The entire group formed a close bond. He learned survival skills and much about himself in the first two weeks and in the last two weeks worked with the younger kids in their cabin. He loved every minute of his time at GAC, this year and all of the previous years. I cannot thank you and your staff enough for all of the positive things that you have brought / given to my son. He is a better person, a better man because of his experiences at GAC.”  – Laura Moore