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 Episode Guest Summary & Details
31 Lyric Returns! Lyric is back to kick off the third season of the Pog-Cast, and he’s talking about what he learned as a camper, and what lessons he learned as a Group Counselor. 
30 Peanut Butter PB drops into the Pog-Cast to chat about our theme for 2018, making friends. 
29 Slim Slim joins Soy to talk about why camp is a place where young men can be vulnerable and open up emotionally. 
28 Squirrel Long time camper and backpacking staff member Squirrel talks about how camp changed her life. 
26 Uncle Give a rousing “Go Dawgs!” to Uncle as he chats about how camp helped him adjust to a new school both when he was younger and when he went to college. 
25 Khaleesi Camper, wrangler, and horse program head Khaleesi shares her experiences at camp and talks about how coming to camp helped her deal with the stress of nursing school. 
24 Chippy Chippy shares how she takes camp with her wherever she goes. 
23 Lily Garelick Camper and JC Lily “Boo” Garelick chats with Soy about her experiences traveling to Tanzania to serve others. 
22 Smudge Smudge explains what she learned by embracing saying “yes”.
21 Astro Sailor and GC Astro talks about what he learned at camp in his first year. 
20  Kronk Waterfront counselor Kronk sits down with Soy to talk about many things, including what makes a campfire so special. 
19 Rugger Soy is joined by Rocks and Ropes Head Rugger to talk about fear, rocks and ropes, and the value of wearing a watch.
18  Lyric Lyric kicked off our second season with a discussion about what he learned in his many years at camp. 
17 Delta Long time staffer and current office manager Delta sits down in studio to chat with Soy about how she takes camp into the classroom and why she keeps coming back. 
16 Henry Yeary  Long time camper and JC Henry “Raptor” Yeary talks with Sunshine about a gap year and why he still carries a flip phone. 
15 Swag Morning Assembly MC and Head Counselor Swag talks about why there’s so much growth when you’re vulnerable at camp.
14 Joss McGrath Camper and admitted “GAC addict” joins Soy for advice for new campers and to talk about why she loves camp so much.
13  Nash Nash shares about his experiences under the stars while backpacking, and how a positive attitude helps with that activity
12  Bambino Bambino stops by the world headquarters of the Pog-Cast to talk about this summer’s theme, Hop on the Energy Bus.
11 Tootles and Batman Sisters Tootles and Batman talk about being sisters at camp, why camp feels like a family, and the difficulty in remembering each other’s camp names. 
10 Manners Manners joins Soy to talk about helping campers build independence and also talks about how 7 year olds taught him about grit. 
9 Honey Honey joins Soy to talk about how she’s trying to change the world. She and Soy also discuss a minor even that happened to her at camp in the summer of 2017.
8 Cheerio Cheerio explains what she does, how she’s so happy, and coins the term “Happiness Hurricane”
7 Tica Tica talks with us about overcoming fears by trying new things. 
6 Sandwich Land Director, Big Campfire MC, all-around wonderful human being Sandwich joins Soy to talk about how to be yourself in the world outside of camp. GACSpiration from Sunshine, Joke of the Cast, and PoCo are also features. 
5  Crater  Crater shares about the awe of nature, Croakie has a haiku, Yams brings us a GACspiration.
4  Kettle  Kettle joins Soy from Maryland to talk about how happy she is. She also shares WOWs, and there’s a Sandwich haiku, as well as GACspiration from Bravo
3  Mac & The OLC  Mac joins Soy to explore one of our most popular teen programs, the Outdoor Leadership Course. Then, there’s a special segment of OLC campers explaining what was so great about the OLC in their own words. You can find out more about the OLC at the OLC home page.
2  Will Kellogg  Former camper, Junior Counselor, and OLC participant Will Kellogg talks with Sunshine about grit and his approach to camp and life.
1  Baboon  Coach’s Award winner Baboon joins Soy to talk about his philosophy regarding approaching life and challenges. There’s a Joke of the Cast and PoCo brings us a haiku
Pilot  Soy  Soy is all alone, explaining the Pog-Cast, reading WOWs and sharing a Joke of the Cast.


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