General Information

How should friends and family address letters and packages to me?

U.S. Mail:
Your Name, STAFF
Gold Arrow Camp
PO Box 155
Lakeshore, CA 93634

UPS or FedEx:
Your Name, STAFF
Gold Arrow Camp
60378 Hwy 168
Lakeshore, CA 93634

Technology Use at Camp
Our “no technology” philosophy is part of what makes Gold Arrow Camp so special. Here at camp, we sit around campfires talking with each other. There are no video games, computers, or cell phones getting in the way of building relationships with the people around us. In addition to the wonderful quiet of not hearing cell phones ringing, the break from technology helps kids (and staff) appreciate the beauty and sounds of nature without interruption. After a few days, most of us don’t miss our cell phones at all!

With that being said, cell phone use is not permitted in camp except for at the Staff Lounge. Staff may use cell phones at the Staff Lounge or off of camp property on time off. Staff must keep their cell phones, and all other electronics hidden from campers as campers are not allowed to have cell phones (and any other technology) while at camp.

Our office phone is for business and emergency use only. For your personal calls, two calling card phones are located in the Staff Lounge that may be used on your time off only. You may want to purchase phone cards prior to camp. Phone cards may also be purchased at the camp store.

If your family needs to reach you, they may leave a message at our camp office. Please do not provide our office phone number for anyone other than your immediate family.

What about email at Camp?
There are computers with an internet connection free of charge in the Staff Lounge. The connection speed is suitable for browsing the web and sending emails. You will not have time for computer access everyday. Wireless connections are also available at the Staff Lounge. You may bring a laptop to camp, but it must remain hidden from campers, and GAC is not responsible for damage or theft.

Can someone visit me at camp?
Family and friends can visit once during the summer if it is arranged ahead of time with the camp directors. Friends and family should visit you on your day or time off. They will be invited to a meal and take a tour of camp. Gold Arrow Camp will not provide lodging for your friends and family. Here is a suggested list of hotels and campsites in the area:

  • Tamarack Lodge (559) 893-3244, (559) 893-3384
  • Huntington Lake Condos (800) 422-4102
  • Lakeshore Resort (559) 893-3193
  • Campground reservations (877) 444-6777
  • Elliott House Bed & Breakfast (559) 841-8601
  • K&K Properties (559) 841-3338

Picking a Camp Name
Every Gold Arrow staff member goes by a special camp name. This can be any camp-appropriate nickname. Please note that the camp name that you choose will be the name you will be called all summer, by campers and staff, so choose your name wisely. We suggest a fun name that has a tangible meaning to children.

Some nicknames from past staff include: cartoon characters (Pooh Bear, Yogi), animals (Kiwi, Bear, Bee), trees and plants (Willow, Sunflower, Aspen), and funny words (Snaz, Sonic, Kowhai, Fuzzy, Ciabatta, Ajax). Call us if you’re having trouble thinking of one. We have lots of good ideas!

Once you have selected a camp name for yourself, please email with your selection and why you chose your name.

Meet Our Staff
We’d love to include your picture and staff profile on our “Meet Our Staff” page. It’s a fun way for campers and counselors to get to know a little bit about you before camp! Please go to the “Staff Profile” page to fill out the information for your profile. If you have questions or concerns you can email us at

Uniform Info
On all travel days (first and last days of each session), all staff are required to wear a collared camp staff shirt (to be distributed during training). In addition, you need to wear a pair of tan or khaki colored shorts or pants (we do not provide the khaki pants or shorts) on travel days. We will be offering men’s and ladies’ sized polo shirts and adult sized fleece jackets.