Tradition is a big part of camp life at Gold Arrow Camp, from singing the camp song to calling for the Chipmunk. These traditions are kept alive because many of our campers return year after year and some even become counselors.

BlanPhilosophy-8333kets, Banner and Jackets

Campers and staff who attend our program for three summers are given a Three Year Banner, and those who spend five years with us receive a Five Year Blanket, embroidered with the camper’s or staff member’s name. These blankets and banners are awarded at Appreciation Campfire, which concludes each session.

There are even campers and staff who have been at camp for 10 years or longer! Campers and staff achieving this honor receive a personalized Ten Year Jacket and a Ten Year patch to sew onto the Five Year Blanket. We love watching more and more campers become part of the traditions of camp.

Candle Lighting

We conclude each session with a special Appreciation Campfire. This is a time for campers to sing, dance, or read a poem or story in front of other cabins as a final goodbye to camp. Often cabins will perform together one last time. At the end, one counselor from each cabin lights a candle in honor of each cabin group’s accomplishments.

I-C12-5068Birthday Chair

Campers celebrating a birthday at camp are lifted in the birthday chair, along with a personalized cake for his or her cabin group. After a rousing, all-camp birthday song, campers return to their table to eat – and share – the cake.


G-0137Call to the Chipmunk

After dinner on the first night of each session, everyone in camp gathers to call to the Chipmunk. This event is best left a mystery until you experience it yourself. It’s a great way to kick off the new session.