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Race Round Up

GACrunners-00445GAC Runners is the best kind of team, because we don’t have any practices, you can join us for any of our events or pick your own, run or walk any speed, and still have a great time being part of our team.   Our running events give us the opportunity to connect during the non-summer months, and they help keep us fit and ready to swim, hike, and climb around camp in the summer!

If you have a race or event you’ll be participating in, request your GAC Runners shirt and we’ll send it to you for free as long as you wear it at your event and send us a picture of you running. Our team members run all over the place – even in other countries!  To request a shirt, go to our GAC Runners page and click on the “Join GAC Runners Now” link.

We’ve had a great season so far, with several fun events and lots of participation from staff, campers, and parents.   Our biggest turn-out was at the Spirit Run in Newport Beach on March 23.   GAC co-sponsored the Youth 5K and hosted a booth at the expo at this fun event, which supports area schools.   GAC had runners in just about every event and age category, and we enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day of running.

On March 22, we participated in the Great Race of Agoura and enjoyed the fun carnival atmosphere of the expo area, complete with bounce houses and post-race treats.


Our last races of the season are coming up on Sunday, April 27, in Los Angeles and on Sunday, June 1, in Menlo Park.  We hope to see many of you at the Kids 4 Kids 5K Race, which raises money for the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, and at the Are You In Run, which helps fund community-supported schools in the Menlo Park City School District.

For a link to race registration and more info, visit http://goldarrowcamp.com/gac-runners/

See you at the races!

Teamwork at GAC

Teamwork at GAC

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”
-H.E. Luccock


In this competitive, self-focused era, learning to be part of a team is a valuable skill that is not often taught to children (or adults!). Kids participate on many sports teams, but often that experience does not end up being a lesson in teamwork. Instead, sports teams often become a competitive experience of trying to get the position or play time they want as an individual.

One reason for our focus on non-competitive programs is so that kids can learn new skills without feeling the pressure to win or be the best. We also want kids to learn to be part of a team (their cabin group) and be better team members. The experience of living with a group of diverse people in a cabin group is the first lesson in teamwork that campers learn. Campers learn to work together to keep their living area organized, do daily clean up, and get to where they need to be (meals, activities, etc.). They also learn to support and encourage each other and help each cabin member do their best at each activity.

During the first few days of camp, each of our cabin groups goes through a “Team Building” program led by our trained ropes course staff. During a variety of games and activities, the campers learn to work together to accomplish tasks that they can only complete by working together as a team. They learn about listening, communication, leadership, and how to work through conflicts. The communication skills they learn at Team Building are used throughout their camp session. Lessons like taking turns when talking, sharing leadership, and planning before doing are all teamwork skills that campers can take home with them.

Counselors work with campers throughout their session to:

• Help them see how they contribute and what special skills they bring to the group.
• Teach them to communicate well as a team, including how to brainstorm without judgment, listen to others’ ideas, and work through conflicts.
• Focus on how they can be good friends to their cabin mates.

And that’s how we practice teamwork at GAC!