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Ep. 20 – Kronk

Episode 20.

On the 20th episode of the not-yet-critically-acclaimed POG-Cast, Soy is joined by veteran boat driver and all around wonderful human being Kronk. They chat about why campfires are so wonderful and share a love of artichoke hearts. There’s also a Joke of the Cast and Soy’s performance debut on guitar. 

Activity Spotlight: Shaver Island Outpost

Gold Arrow Camp’s Shaver Island Outpost is a highlight of the camp experience for many of our campers. The island getaway serves as a break in the highly-structured routine of main camp and provides an opportunity for campers to enjoy the outdoors in a different way. Campers who attend our two-week sessions spend one or two nights on our island at Shaver Lake.

Shaver offers the ideal setting for campers to learn and hone their waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding skills, as those are the only activities offered on the island. These behind-the-boat water sports can be daunting to try for the first time, and we find that campers really build grit while learning and improving their skills. Often, campers’ goals at the start of the session reflect their desire to get up on a waterski, wakeboard, or kneeboard for the first time or to improve their skills at one of these sports. For some kids, it takes a lot of tries to get up for the first time. For these kids who have to practice persistence and keep trying over and over again, water skiing offers some great life lessons. For many of our campers, these water sports become a life-long passion, because they are fun, recreational activities they can continue doing long after their camp days are over.

With competition-style ski boats, experienced instructors, and hours of time behind the boat, campers learn and improve their skills rapidly and enjoy downtime spent in unstructured play on the beach. While at Shaver, camperShaverSpec-0940s have the opportunity to build friendships with campers in other cabin groups. The nightly social time is spent around a campfire that is large enough for all campers and counselors to gather to sing songs, play games, and make s’mores. Camping on the beach and falling asleep watching the shooting stars are also memorable experiences from their stay at the outpost.

Many returning campers choose to spend an entire week at Shaver Island, in addition to their two-week regular session, by participating in on of our Shaver Water Sports Specialty Camps. These three-week sessions are offered at the beginning and end of the summer.

The slower pace of rustic island life provides campers with an opportunity to rise with the sun and appreciate the promise of each new day. Evenings at Shaver bring a panoramic view of what is always a spectacular sunset, reminding everyone to pause and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us at camp.


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