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Amazingly Cool & Kind

Found this lovely gem and thought we might share it as a throwback to our theme from last summer, “It’s cool to be kind.” This was written by Renee, one of our 2013 campers. We hope you enjoy!


Over the past few days at GAC I’ve witnessed, participated, and experienced so many acts of kindness. This session at GAC has also emphasized the theme “Cool 2 be Kind” and I’ve definitely seen the influence it has over all the campers, counselors, staff, and nature of the camp. Though it is impossible for me to list all the examples of kindness I’ve seen and experienced I’ll do my best. From day 1 my counselors have been extremely welcoming and helpful whether it be tying my friendship bracelet or helping me get more contacts they have truly heightened my experience here at camp. Moreover, the girls in my cabin have all been extremely amiable. Most have 2-5 years of seniority at the camp and the guidance has been so kind and helpful. For instance one of the girls greatly helped my way around Shaver. Additionally, another one of my cabin mates did all of the Kitchen Patrolling at Shaver, from taking away trash and wiping tables. Even after coming she continued to K.P. for another day. One particular event that sticks out to me is when, as a cabin, we all helped clean up the Sleeping Beach at Shaver. A huge mess had been left at the beach from fireworks during July 4th and, as a team, we were able to greatly reduce the waste on the beach. Overall the atmosphere at GAC has been AMAZINGLY cool and kind.