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Meet Our Staff: Kettle

I-8363Kettle is returning to Gold Arrow Camp for her second year as a Group Counselor this summer! She is an engaging, positive, fun counselor, and we’re excited to welcome her back to camp soon!

Kettle is from Gaithersburg, Maryland, and she is attending the University of Maryland where she is studying Kinesiology with a certificate in Public Health. She currently volunteers for the Children’s Development Clinic, is a campus tour guide, and interns for the TerpAccess Disability Network, an organization that provides services and trainings to make the campus more accessible.

Kettle is a positive, passionate, kind, funny person who spent last summer caring for our youngest campers. Her campers describe her as fun, energetic, encouraging, and silly – a few campers even made comments like “she made me laugh really hard,” “when I was scared, she encouraged me,” and “she inspires me.” Kettle will always be the first to hop up and start dancing, no matter the time of day or camp activity, which is one of the reasons both campers and counselors love being around Kettle’s bright, fun personality.

We asked Kettle some questions about camp and other things – see what she had to say!

  1. What do you like most about camp?

    I love how camp brings out people’s goofy side! Where else can you scream good morning to all your neighbors, dance your way through a salad bar line, and cover yourself in mud on a regular basis?

  2. Why did you want to return to camp this summer?

    Apart from the beautiful location, awesome staff, and fun activities, the main reason I wanted to return to camp was because of the campers. I can’t wait to catch up with my old campers and meet my new cabin groups!

  3. If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

    I would be a sea otter so I could splash around with my friends and float on my back all day!

  4. If you could eat ice cream anywhere in the world, what type of ice cream would it be and where?

    I would eat vanilla ice cream with tons of fun toppings (including lots and lots of caramel) while on a hot air balloon safari over Africa with friends.

  5. What is your favorite joke?

    What is a chip’s favorite dance move? The dip!

  6. What is your favorite camp memory?

    Some of my fondest camp memories are the looks on campers’ faces when they get up on knee/ski/wake for the first time and the whole cabin goes crazy in the boat!

  7. If you were a breakfast food, what breakfast food would you be? Why?

    I think I would be a waffle! Waffles are homey, supportive (perfect if you want to build a castle out of your breakfast), and they brighten people’s day when they are served at camp!

  8. What are you most excited about this summer?

    I am most excited to spend my summer surrounded by amazing people in a place that I love! I am eager to continue to learn from others and to build incredible relationships while being disconnected from technology. And of course for all of the Bear Trap fun! And Pajama Breakfast! And pickles at Carnival! And Shaver! The list of things I am excited for could go on forever.

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Meet Our Staff: Baboon!

Meet Our Staff BaboonWe’re excited about Baboon returning to GAC for his second summer!  He’ll be the Waterfront Director, so keep a look out for him when you head down to the water for your activities. T-1372He’ll be there with a huge smile on his face, probably dancing around, excited to see you! He’s just that kind of guy!


Baboon is originally from a village in the North Downs in Surrey, England.  He is passionate about water sports, and is an experienced coach and competitive wakeboarder.  While living in England, he spent his weekends teaching wakeboarding.  He’s currently working at Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort before he ventures back to camp in May.  His endless high energy, positivity, patience, and passion make him an easy favorite among campers and counselors.  Baboon has never met a stranger!  His willingness to jump in whenever help is needed and his dedication to working hard is inspiring, and we’re looking forward to his nonstop dancing (he’s an expert “Gangnam Style” dancer!) and the fun he brings to camp!


We were able to catch up with Baboon and ask him a couple important (and some pretty ridiculous) questions. Check out his answers!


I-31081. Why do you want to be a counselor at GAC again?

How could I not!  I get to hang out and teach the coolest campers around, spend my whole summer outside, eat a lot, have campfires, sing like no one is listening and dance like no one is watching – it is the most fun I have all year!  I love helping our campers overcome new and exciting challenges whilst watching them grow through the session.  Beyond this, I always learn so much from GAC and feel it makes me a better person helping me to appreciate everything I have.

2. What is your hidden talent??

It’s not hidden, but I do enjoy sculpting bananas into penguins : )

3. Choco Taco or Strawberry Shortcake??

Choco Taco!  No contest, although I would happily settle for both.

4. What is your perfect pizza?

I would say a Mediterranean-style pizza with a pesto base, it would be delivered to me whilst I was out on the water on a paddle board watching the sunset by a highly trained penguin.

5. What is your favorite part of camp?

Our breathtaking Gold Arrow Waterfront!

Meet Our Staff: Baboon

6. If you could be any age for a week, what age? Why?

I would say 5.  Five-year-olds have no cares in the world or need to explain what may be irrational behaviour to anyone.  I would stick broccoli to my wakeboard helmet, run around in circles, jump in puddles and get right to the biggest indoor playground I can find.

7. What should be the next Joke of the Day at Morning Assembly?

What do you call a pig that knows karate? A pork chop!

8. What is your favorite food at GAC?

Hmmm I would say Mexican.

Meet Our Staff: Baboon9. Who is your hero?

Steve Irwin!  He had such a passion for life and those around him, he took the positive from every situation and truly believed in following your heart in life.  He would have made such an outstanding GAC counselor as I feel he embodies our philosophy so well.  He dedicated his whole life to those around him that were in trouble.  In the 80s, Steve spent months living in remote areas of Australia rescuing crocodiles from poachers.  During this time he developed humane relocation techniques that are still being used today.

10. What are you most looking forward to about GAC 2015?

Tough question!  I think seeing how our campers have grown is definitely way up there, along with meeting all of our new campers and staff.  It’s just so exciting! I am really looking forward to being the Program Head of our Waterfront, I cannot wait to get all of our campers out onto Huntington lake.  I am itching to turn my phone off and sleep under the stars again for a whole summer, and waking up to a good ole GAC breakfast.  Oh, and Footloose!!

Meet Our Staff: Baboon

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