Summer Events

When you’re not on the water or having fun at one of our programmed activities, there are many exciting events to look forward to!


On the second-to-last night of camp, the dining porch is transformed into another place, busy with people, costumes, music, and snacks. Group dances are normal during this well-lit, no-pressure affair. Learn to dance “Footloose” and how to “Move Your Body.” Don’t want to dance? There’s plenty of board games and cards (and maybe an occasional scavenger hunt) on the deck.

Big Campfire AmphitheaterBIG CAMPFIRE

Big Campfire is an event on Saturday night, in the middle of each two-week session (and on Thursday night of Mini Camp). The entire camp descends on the camp amphitheater, which is also called Big Campfire. Here, each cabin group presents a song, a skit, poem, interpretive dance, unusual skill, dramatic reading, or anything else creative. Since the whole group is on the stage, it’s fun and unpredictable sometimes.


Just before the morning programs each day, there is a time when everyone in camp gets together for announcements and songs. Campers are encouraged to lead a song or perform, or just bring some suggestions for the “Joke of the Day” or make a “Random Announcement.” You will also see catwalk parades for certain special events like GAC Spirit Day and Cabin Theme Day. And beware of the Camp Mom, as she makes her appearance to give awards to the cleanest cabins of the day.


Each Sunday in the middle of each two-week session, the camp is turned into a old-fashioned outdoor carnival. Campers can tie dye a t-shirt, create a spin art, or win prizes at game booths without needing too much skill. Hungry? There’s fresh cotton candy and popcorn next to the sno cone booth. Carnival day lunch includes fair food not seen at traditional GAC meals, such as nachos and corn dogs.


For the first breakfast of the session, we make things nice and casual. Hop out of bed, brush your teeth, and leave your jammies on! The mornings are chilly, so we recommend zip up footie pajamas. After breakfast, check in at the camp store, then back to your cabin to change clothes for morning program.

CabinTheme-8188CABIN THEME DAY

Cabin groups decide together to wear something matching or of the same style. The group usually decides at the last minute, and examples of how cabins create a look include: the same color T-shirts, crazy hair, or sunglasses. All the groups show off their “uniform” for the day at morning assembly.


Almost anything goes for this crazy morning of bad outfits and laughter. Campers take an ordinary counselor and turn him or her into a piece of artwork. The parade of counselors and voting by applause takes place during a Morning Assembly. A select panel of judges chooses a winner, who receives absolutely nothing.

once-upon-a-time-dance-7877Crazy Cranium Day

This is a day dedicated to finding wild ways to cover your cranium. Perhaps you have a green or yellow wig. Bring a crazy hat or a bandana. The crazier the better!


For the last dinner at camp, the kitchen team kicks it up a notch as the entire camp dines together on interesting delicacies not offered during the rest of the session. Choice meats, delicious hors d’oeuvres, and sparkling sodas fill the tables on this night where we toast to a successful session of GAC!



Today we honor our campers and staff from other countries. Some people display flags from their country, while others sing part of their national anthem to the camp. This is a great way to learn about some of the traditions and customs from elsewhere in the world.


On the last night of your session, we get together as a whole camp, reflect on the fun we had and the new friends we made, and sing our favorite camp songs.  Three and five year campers are presented with their banners and blankets, and we look at pictures from the session in a slide show.  To close the evening, counselors light candles of appreciation for their departing campers.  It’s an emotional night and a great way to end our session together.