Salary Information

Dates of Employment

Regular Season: 9 Weeks » June 13, 2018 – August 18, 2018

Plus Specialty Week: 10 Weeks » June 13, 2018 – August 25, 2018


All first-year staff are required to attend Staff Training week, which begins June 13, 2018, and ends on June 23, 2018. Our camp program lasts 8 weeks, with the first campers arriving on June 24, 2018. Depending on qualifications and availability of positions, some staff work beyond the regular camp season during Specialty Week (Water Sports) and Mini Camp. Dates of employment will be determined during the interview and hiring process. To qualify for a counseling position, you must be available to work for at least 9 weeks (June 13 through August 18).


Salary Information

Base Salary for 2018: $375 per week 
  ($3563 for June 13-August 18)
Salary Additions (terms)

All additions to the base salary are paid in one check, upon successful completion of the dates listed in the employee’s Letter of Agreement (LOA). If the employee is terminated or leaves employment prior to the date listed in the LOA, the salary additions will be adjusted at the discretion of the directors. Salary additions for returning counselors who are contracted to work less than the 9 week minimum are calculated on a different scale.


Completion Bonus (terms)

Only counselors who work the 9 or 10 week, full camp season are eligible for a completion bonus. Counselors must work the dates stated in their Letter of Agreement (LOA) in order to receive this bonus (subject to Director’s discretion). Any changes to the last day of employment must be in writing.

Summer Completion Bonus $200
Specialty/Mini Camp Bonus $100

Certifications (terms)

In order to receive a salary addition for a certification, the certification must be valid for the dates of employment and must be achieved prior to the first day of staff training at Gold Arrow Camp. Any certifications and re-certifications provided by Gold Arrow Camp do not qualify for a salary addition.

Lifeguard $200
Wilderness First Aid $200
Wilderness First Responder $300
Wilderness EMT $400
Travel Stipend (terms)

Travel stipends vary from $50-500, depending on the travel distance from camp and are negotiated prior to employment. Employees traveling from California are not eligible for a travel stipend.


Additional benefits to salary provided by camp for camp counselors and staff are weekly laundry service and room and board.

Salary for other positions (supervisor, kitchen, maintenance, office, etc.) are calculated on a different scale. Please email for details.