Rules & Regulations

Working at Gold Arrow Camp can be difficult and challenging, and it is also one of the most rewarding experiences around. As a camp counselor, you have the opportunity to make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of our campers.

Because of the awesome responsibility of being a camp counselor, Gold Arrow staff members are expected to serve as positive role models to our campers. This requires good judgment and decision making while you are on and off duty.  We remain unapologetic about having very high standards of appearance and conduct for our counselors and view camp as a professional work environment.

Before submitting an application, please carefully review the following information. The policies and standards listed below outline counselors’ appearance, conduct, and expectations in multiple areas. Some of them may seem overbearing or unnecessary to you, but our experience has taught us that this is the best way to serve our campers and their families. You may not personally agree with every one, but if you are hired to work at Gold Arrow Camp, we will expect you to abide by all of them. Please do not submit an application unless you can and will comply with these rules and policies without exception. For safe and orderly operations of the camp, they will be strictly enforced.

Child Abuse: Corporal punishment or any form of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, or any endangerment of a camper is grounds for immediate dismissal and will be reported to the proper law enforcement agency.

Drugs and Alcohol: Gold Arrow Camp is drug and alcohol-free.  Our counselors agree, as a condition of employment, not to use alcohol for the duration of their employment at camp, including time off. We want camp to be a place where kids see their role models having fun and being silly without needing to drink alcohol. We have found that allowing counselors to consume alcohol on time off has impacted camp and our campers in unexpected and negative ways. Violation of this policy will result in severe action and possible dismissal.

Any illegal activity, including use or possession of illegal drugs or supplying drugs, alcohol or tobacco in any form to minors, will be reported to the proper law enforcement agency and will result in your employment being terminated without warning.

In order to maintain an alcohol and drug-free environment, we conduct pre-employment alcohol and drug testing of all staff members. Drug testing will also occur after an accident, where an individual needs to be treated away from the camp, and where a Camp Director has reasonable suspicion of drug use. Smoking and possession of tobacco products are not permitted on the camp premises.

If you are looking for a summer job where you have the freedom to drink during time off, Gold Arrow Camp is not the place for you.

Food: We are proud of the fresh food we prepare and serve each day at camp. We offer a variety of options at every meal, however, we do not specifically cater to vegetarians or people with other special dietary restrictions or preferences.  A copy of the camp menu can be provided on request.

Grooming: All aspects of personal appearance are subject to the approval of the Directors in regard to its appropriateness for Gold Arrow Camp staff. The personal appearance of the staff is decidedly important both as a role model to campers and as a representative of Gold Arrow Camp. The following guidelines apply to all staff while working or physically on camp premises:

  • General/Daily Expectations – All staff members are to present a professional example in clean, neat dress and appearance as well as personal hygiene. (Examples: Showering and shaving regularly; brushing teeth daily; etc.)
  • Tattoos – We know that many people have tattoos, including some of our best counselors. If you have a tattoo, it must be covered by clothing at all times while on camp premises and during camp-sponsored activities. We require this NOT because we believe that having a tattoo is wrong; we firmly believe that you cannot judge a book by its cover. However, at Gold Arrow Camp, our counselors are role models for young, impressionable children who are often too young to understand the permanent impact of a decision to get a tattoo.
  • Body Piercings – All body piercing(s) must be removed while on camp premises, excluding ear piercing(s) for female staff members.
  • Hair – Hair should be neatly groomed and the length of the hair shall not be excessive (past the bottom of the ears for men) or present a ragged, unkempt or extreme appearance. Male staff should be clean-shaven unless previously approved by the Camp Directors; no mustaches, beards, goatees, or sideburns past the bottom of the ears.
  • Clothing – We expect all staff members to set the example dress code for campers through their choice of clothing. Therefore, we ask that all staff members adhere to the same dress code policy we have for our campers. The following standards apply: (1) no clothing with logos containing references to violence, sex, drugs, tobacco, or anything else deemed inappropriate for campers by the Camp Directors, (2) No bare midriffs or low cut shirts exposing cleavage, (3) Nothing excessively tight, short, or baggy, and (4) No clothing which does not cover the person’s underwear. Pants and shorts may not be rolled down and must cover a staff person’s bottom completely at all times (including while seated). Staff members should always be wearing closed-toed shoes, except while on a waterfront dock, on a boat, or at Shaver Outpost.


Personal Behavior and Habits: Staff, while employed by the camp, shall adjust their personal habits and actions to accommodate the customs, policies, and ideals of Gold Arrow Camp. Examples of poor “Personal Behavior and Habits” include, but are not limited to: using bad language and talking about inappropriate subjects with or around campers. Setting a poor example for campers, parents, other staff members, or the community will not be tolerated. Verbal warnings given to an employee will be documented and filed in the staff member’s personnel file. Serious infractions will result in immediate disciplinary action, up to termination, by the Directors.

Representing Gold Arrow Camp: While in the employment of Gold Arrow Camp, you are representing Camp while on and off duty. Many members of the community are parents of campers or do business with Gold Arrow. Behavior during time off resulting in embarrassment to Gold Arrow Camp in the local community is prohibited. Behavior on time off resulting in negative repercussions when back on duty in camp (i.e. fights, gossip, inappropriate discussions in front of campers, appearing tired and/or not ready to be on duty) will result in disciplinary action, up to dismissal.

Room & Board and Laundry: Room, board, and weekly laundry service are part of your compensation as a Gold Arrow Camp staff member.

Social Media: If an employee chooses to identify himself or herself as an employee of Gold Arrow Camp on social media, what you post or say on these sites may be viewed as a reflection on camp. As a part of the hiring process, we will be checking social media of prospective and returning staff and reviewing its content. Any content that conflicts with Gold Arrow Camp philosophies or policies or that could be viewed as inappropriate for working with children may result in the termination of candidacy or employment.

Time off: Every staff member will have one 4-hour scheduled time period off from job duties each week. In addition, all staff members will have a 24-hour period off each week. Staff members are required to sign out at the Camp Office prior to departing camp premises and sign back in upon return from time off. Failure to return on time will result in disciplinary action up to termination.  Staff members are also given opportunities to take breaks and personal time each day.

Training: All counselors are required to attend a staff training at Gold Arrow Camp, which will be held the ten days prior to camper arrival (June 15- June 25, 2016). Counselors will become familiar with the daily operations of camp as well as their expected responsibilities and camp policies and procedures. All staff members must be in compliance with all camp policies upon arrival for training.

Use of Camp Equipment: Staff members are not permitted to use camp equipment except when participating in an activity as a cabin leader or demonstrating an activity as a teacher. In order to keep the focus of our camp program on the kids, as well as to ensure equipment is always available and in working order, staff are not permitted to use camp equipment during their time off.

Vehicles: Staff members may bring personal vehicles to camp where free parking is provided. Personal vehicles may at no time enter camp boundaries without consent from the Director. Unauthorized transportation of a camper is prohibited and will result in dismissal. Camp is not responsible for damage, theft, etc. to vehicles parked in the parking lot.