Meeting Energy Bus Author Jon Gordon!

Recently, Gold Arrow Camp’s directors, along with staff members Gem and Punkie, had the opportunity to attend a 3-day retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains. One of the highlights of the retreat was a seminar led by Jon Gordon.

You may remember Mr. Gordon’s name, as the author of the The Energy Bus, which served as our theme for the summer of 2017. We were thrilled to have a chance to talk one on one with a person who has made such a positive impact on not just camp, but the world! Mr. Gordon even joined our GAC lunch table during the retreat and shared the impact that camp had on him as a child when he attended Camp Wayne in the mountains of Pennsylvania. He was excited to meet the directors of the first camp in the world to be an Energy Bus For Schools camp. 

On the last day, Jon agreed to sign our copies of The Energy Bus, and he was kind enough to pose for photos. As he departed the dining area, he even led a spirited “G-A-C!” cheer.