Hopping on the Energy Bus!

Counselors are especially excited about this summer’s theme, Hop on the Energy Bus, after hearing from Niki Spears, co-founder and CEO of the Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey. Many schools have undergone Energy Bus training, but Gold Arrow is the very first camp that has hopped on board the energy bus. Niki visited GAC on June 20 with her husband, DJ Kermit (as he came to be called by counselors due to his exceptional DJ skills). Walking through each of the principles of the energy bus, Niki helped our staff brainstorm ideas for how we can bring even more positive energy to camp this summer.

With occasional breaks for dance parties, the GAC staff learned about the seven principles of Energy Bus: (1) you’re the driver of your bus, (2) create a positive vision, (3) drive with purpose, (4) fuel your ride with positive energy, (5) transform negativity into positivity, (6) love your passengers, and (7) enjoy the ride! We brainstormed how to take responsibility for our actions, rather than playing the blame game, and how we might encourage our campers to do the same. We talked about our goals for the summer and the steps we need to take to reach those goals. For the principle, “love your passengers,” all counselors had a heart taped to their backs, and everyone wrote encouraging notes on one another’s hearts. After hearing from Niki, we are now more excited than ever to be joining the Energy Bus movement, and we can’t wait for campers to join!