Counselors Arrive At Camp!

Staff reacting to the appearance of the Chipmunk.

For our 2018 counselors, camp starts today! They will arrive from around the world by bus, train, airplane and car to reconnect with nature, form new friendships, and learn all about camp. These 150 young women and men are excited to be at camp and to learn how to be the best counselors in the world.

For new and returning counselors, today is designed to feel like the first day of camp. Support staff will greet them just like counselors will greet campers to begin each session; cheering them on as they came down the road into camp. There will be tours of camp, settling in at the cabin, dinner, and of course the call to the Chipmunk. After an orientation, counselors head back to their cabins for first-night campfires. 

Over the next 11 days, they’ll receive intensive training about camp and campers. They’ll participate in group discussions, role playing scenarios, and program training on a wide variety of important topics. . By the beginning of camp, they’ll be ready to welcome their campers to camp, just like the support staff welcomed them on their arrival today.