Celebrate National Day of Unplugging With Us

We know how important it is to unplug and connect face to face. It’s one of our core beliefs at Gold Arrow Camp. One of the reasons campers make such strong bonds with each other is that they live at camp in a state of “unplugged-ness.” Without the distractions of rings, buzzes, and alerts, we are free to actually be present where we are. Even kids who couldn’t imagine ten minutes without their phones recognize how valuable this is. Don’t believe us?  Watch this video and hear campers explain why unplugging is so good! 

That’s why we hope that you will join us in celebrating the National Day of Unplugging. The celebration takes place from sunset on Friday, March 9th until sunset on Saturday, March 10th. How do you celebrate? It’s simple. Unplug from all of your electronic devices. That’s right. We want you to act like you’re at camp. No TV. No phone. No Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Snapchat. 

While we know that it is virtually impossible to unplug in the real world for a long period of time, we hope that you’ll join with us in taking a 24 hour respite from digital connection. Sunshine has written about the reasons that unplugging is healthy if you need some science to help convince some reticent friends or family members. If you register with the National Day of Unplugging, they’ll even send you a “cell phone sleeping bag” so that your phone can be safe and well rested while it’s away from you! 

We’d love to hear about what you did during your time unplugged. Did you play a game, cook a meal, or go to a park? Send us your favorite unplugged activities and we’ll feature them right here! Or, after sunset on the 10th, tag us on social media (@goldarrowcamp) to share your stories. But if you’re taking pictures, it can’t be with your phone!

Happy National Unplugging Day!