Meet Your Head Counselors

Head Counselors provide leadership and support for our counselors and campers and make sure each camper is having a fantastic experience at GAC. Each Head Counselor has seven cabin groups with whom they work closely. On the first evening of camp, Head Counselors stop by each of their cabin groups’ campfires to introduce themselves and let campers know that they are someone campers can always go to if they need anything. Throughout the session, Head Counselors join their cabin groups for meals, activities, and campfires. They also get feedback from campers on evaluations and follow up with campers to make sure they have the best experience possible at GAC.

Our 2016 team of Head Counselors includes an experienced group who bring 28 summers of GAC experience with them to camp. Two of them (Quailman & Smalls) started as campers here at camp!  Because of all their years of experience at camp, Head Counselors are able to assist both campers and counselors with any challenges that come up at camp.

We’re excited to introduce you to our 2016 Head Counselors: Quailman, Delta, Smalls, and Buckets.

Quailman-4455Eric “Quailman” Bader got his 5 year blanket as a camper, joined the GAC staff in 2011, and is joining us for his 11th year this summer and his 2nd year as a Head Counselor. Quailman graduated from the University of San Francisco with a degree in psychology in 2013. He plans to return to graduate school to become a social worker. When he’s not at camp (where you can find him every summer), Quailman enjoys seeing live music, exploring the city of San Francisco, seeing the world, studying child psychology, watching and creating music videos, sleeping under the stars, and working with the homeless community.

His off-season work has included being a bartender for a catering company and being a nanny (“manny”).

What’s Quailman’s favorite thing about working at camp? “I’ve had the chance to watch campers grow up as well as reach their goals throughout the last four summers that I’ve spent as a counselor at GAC. Watching campers who started at age 6 and are now 10 or 11 has made me feel like my time spent at GAC is well worth it.”

Quailman also loves that GAC has “brought me together with some of my best friends. The staff each and every year has always been so amazing. The friendships that I have made since my first summer in 2011 will last forever.” Quailman especially loves dancing before morning assembly, being a pirate and sailing across the great Huntington Lake, and natural rock climbing.

Quailman’s goal for the summer is to help all of the campers and counselors strengthen their ability to make relationships. His advice for campers is to “remember that camp is a place where you can be yourself and not worry about what others think. And always dance like nobody’s watching!”




Brittany “Delta” Grissett is returning for her 7th summer at GAC. She graduated from Ole Miss, where she studied audiology.

Delta’s favorite thing about working at camp is “getting to see campers push themselves and experience many firsts.” Her goal for the summer is for her counselors to really succeed, be the best counselors they can be, and be the best version of themselves.

When she’s not at camp, Delta has been the nanny for Camp Directors Bean and Soy’s daughters, Ellie and Greta. She lives in Clovis and is excited to be back at GAC this summer!

Delta’s advice for campers is to come to camp with an open mind and a willing attitude to try new activities and meet new people.

Kate “Smalls” Zolezzi has been a camper and



group counselor here at GAC and is joining us for her 7th summer. She is currently studying Performing Arts at St. Mary’s college of California.

Smalls’ favorite things about working at camp include the positive energy, the growing and learning environment, and all of the activities. Her favorites are Shaver and the High Ropes course. Smalls likes that GAC has a supportive community that focuses on teamwork, and she loves living in the outdoors.

For this summer, Smalls’ goals include helping campers have fun and love their counselors, and supporting her counselors to reach their goals.

Her advice for campers? Say “yes” to trying to new experiences and activities, feel the fear, and do it anyway!

Buckets-4661Jacob “Buckets” Skrmetti is at GAC for his 3rd summer. In his previous summers, he worked as a Group Counselor. Buckets graduated from Mississippi State University and is starting a masters program at Cornell University in Industrial Psychology this fall.

Bucket’s favorite activity at camp is sailing, At camp, he enjoys “being able to goof off like a kid. I love being able to dance anytime I would like. Connecting with all of the campers and watching them grow out of their comfort range.”

For this summer, Bucket’s goal is to make everyone feel supported and safe and to help campers and counselors grow.

We are thrilled to have such an outstanding group of returning staff on our 2016 Head Counselor team.

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