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Online Information Session Tuesday, October 6 at 11:00 am



Interested in learning more about GAC? We will be having an online information session for prospective camp parents on Tuesday, October 6, at 11:00 am PST. Please RSVP and we’ll send you the link to the online meeting room!


Manhattan Beach 10K

MB 10KSaturday, October 3:   Join us at the Manhattan Beach 10K!  We’ll be walking or running the 10K with GAC Runners of all ages (campers, staff, and parents) and will have a booth at the finish line area (near the Manhattan Beach pier) from 7:00 AM until 10:00 AM. Come see us!

Online registration is closed but you can register in person at Village Runner MB until October 2 or when they sell out, whichever happens 1st!

GAC Runners Team picture at 9:00 AM. 



Enrollment Open for 2016

G-8107We are now accepting camper registrations for campers new to Gold Arrow Camp. We look forward to welcoming you to GAC next summer to enjoy the fun, friends, and growth that GAC has been providing to campers since 1933!

2016 Dates & Rates
2016 Session Availability
Enroll OnlineGAC_2016

If you would like to meet camp families and camp staff, join us at one of our events this year.

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Priority Enrollment Ends September 15
Priority enrollment for returning families ends on September 15, 2015. Until that date, returning families (including siblings who are first-year campers) may enroll for summer, 2016 before we open enrollment to new camp families.
Registration opens for new camp families on September 16.  
We encourage returning families to enroll early in our Priority Enrollment period in order to enroll in your first choice session.
Families who were on a waiting list for 2015 and whom we were unable to accommodate are also welcome to register for 2016 during our Priority Enrollment period.


Cabin News Highlights

Cabin 14Lots of fun things have been happening at GAC this week. Here are some news highlights from each cabin:

Cabin 0 enjoyed Knee/Ski/Wake, where everyone got up on either the kneeboard or water skis. Cabin 1 approaches every activity with energy and enthusiasm, and had an amazing time backpacking! Cabin 2 had an incredible time at Shaver, accomplishing goals and creating memories! Cabin 3 had a great time energetically backpacking and playing lots of games of “camouflage.” Cabin 4 bonded with one another on their cabin boat at Shaver Island and had a super fun week. Cabin 5 created loads of fun at Shaver and are gearing up for their Big Campfire skit titled “Getting Ready for Prom!” Cabin 6 had an amazing time canyoneering down a waterfall, where they cheered on one another! Cabin 7 had a brilliant time riding the wakes at Shaver and playing on the Whoosh! SpiritDay-8693Cabin 8 is having an amazing time setting and reaching goals with endless laughter and enthusiasm! Cabin 9 campers formed fast friendships and are very excited to head to Shaver Island this coming week. Cabin 10 is fueled with endless energy and fun, whether it’s writing WOWs for everyone in camp or pretending to be secret spies- they’re always up to something crazy! Cabin 11 worked together on kayaking and canoeing to reach their destination point! Cabin 12 has encouraged one another on high ropes and backpacking, along with enthusiastically swimming at Indian Pools. Cabin 13 is full of talkers with ideas that include squishing in the mud on the waterfront and belting out “Fight Song” on the Dining Porch. Cabin 14 is looking forward to TB-3503performing their original “Toothbrush Rap” at Big Campfire! Cabin 15 formed into a family during their backpacking trip and enjoy playing lots of card games. Cabin 16 had a blast at Shaver, where the energetic campers looked forward to all of the activity periods. Cabin 17 get along really well together, enjoyed going on OREO (hike) with Paddy, and had a great time at Shaver. Every single camper in Cabin 18 completed the high ropes course, and they all enjoy singing along with Wonton and his guitar at bed time each night. Two campers caught fish during evening free time on Friday, cooked them over their campfire, and enjoyed eating fresh trout. Cabin 20 has had an action-packed week in which fears were conquered at sailing and jokes were made on Huntington Lake! Cabin 21 loved backpacking and playing the card game “Mau.” Cabin 22 is all about supporting one another and Cabin 26cheered each other on enthusiastically at high ropes! Cabin 23 has grown to be a close group of brothers, singing 30 verses of “hey-hey-bo-diddly-bop” while riding on a boat in Huntington Lake. Cabin 24 is aiming for each cabin member to receive a “Give-a-Hand” foam hand for completing three volunteer hours by the end of the session! Cabin 25 backpacked to Twin Lakes, which included back-country meals, riddles, stories, and fun. Cabin 26 had a blast doing their “Substitute Teacher” skit at Big Campfire and also really enjoyed their time at Shaver Island. Cabin 27 meshes together so well and the levels of fun and encouragement in the group Cabin 6during mountain biking were incredible. Cabin 28 hosts a very inclusive group of campers who came back from canyoneering with great stories and loads of inside jokes! Cabin 29 campers shared experiences and opened up during their campfires and even caught a fish and ate it during one of these discussions!


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