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Sunshine’s Week 1 Recap

Session 1 CITs (Counselors in Training)Joyful. That’s the best word I can find to describe the first week of Session 1 here at GAC. Campers have been joyful as they walk to activities, as they eat meals, and as they sit around their campfire playing games and sharing stories.  There has been more dancing and singing up here this past week than most people get in a lifetime!

On the day it was announced that team USA was moving on in the World Cup, the entire dining porch erupted in cheers and then sang-along to every USA-themed song on our patriotic playlist, including “America,” “Proud to be an American,” and “Surfin’ USA.”

With the exception of one early morning rain drizzle that lasted for just long enough to settle a little dust, we’ve had clear blue skies and warm days. The past two days have been our hottest, with extra water drinking being encouraged by all!

MAN-3690Big Campfire on our new lit up stage featured acts from every cabin group, with highlights being a choreographed dance from our youngest girls in Cabin 14 and an original song by Cabin 23.

Campers have been busy taking in a range of activities at Main Camp here at Huntington Lake as well as at our Shaver Island outpost camp and backpacking trips.  Our Bears (youngest campers in cabins 12, 14, 15, and 16) hiked out this afternoon to their overnight “Bears Adventure” where their food and luggage will be delivered to them.

We all look forward to some fun upcoming events including our Animal Dance on Thursday and Appreciation Campfire on Friday evening before our Session 1 campers head home.


Session 1 Cabin Highlights

Sailing AwayCabin 0 has had many adventures so far and they love to laugh and play together like one big happy family.  Cabin 1 loves writing poetry about GAC and they were very supportive of each other on their backpacking trip.  Cabin 2 loves singing, bonding, and becoming a close-knit group. Cabin 3 is having a great time getting to know each other—they especially bonded while on cabin boats at Shaver Island.  Cabin 4 had a brilliant time trying their hardest in every water sport on Shaver Island and they’ve loved conquering their fears and achieving their goals in a variety of other activities at camp.  Cabin 5 loves singing and dancing—they especially loved practicing and performing their Big Campfire skit which was an interpretive dance of Titanic. Cabin 6 is a group of strong and unique young women who love trying new things and making everything fun and entertaining.   Cabin 7 has renamed themselves “Tribe Seven” and at Shaver they did all of the activities together as a cabin so they could cheer each other on as a family.  G-C12-0506Cabin 8 has had a wonderful time bonding and becoming a cohesive group especially at their nightly cabin campfires. Cabin 9 is a positive, enthusiastic, and bubbly group of girls who loved choreographing their “Frozen” dance for Big Campfire.  Cabin 10 loved using their imaginations and working together to create their Big Campfire skit called “Connection Games.”  Cabin 11 especially loved sailing and in their free time they like to play a game called, “Frogs and Flies.”  Cabin 12 loves singing when walking all around camp from activity to activity!  Cabin 13 is an extremely cohesive and supportive group which really showed at sailing and backpacking.  Cabin 14 has had a fabulous first week, bonding with one another and creating connections with other GAC campers—they love rooting each other on no matter the activity.  Cabin 15 loved their trip to Shaver Island where they enjoyed kneeboarding, water skiing, and wakeboarding.  Cabin 16 loved teambuilding where they worked wonders as they completed fun mini games that challenged each of them to come together as a unit.  Cabin 17 loved being the first cabin to win the “Clean Cabin” Award and powering through backpacking.  Cabin 18 did an outstanding job working together on high ropes, untitled-2272completing both levels of the course. Cabin 20 started the week with mountain biking, backpacking, and horseback riding.  Cabin 21 loved making their own fishing poles and fishing with them on their backpacking trip.  Cabin 22 enjoyed trying all of the water sports at Shaver.  Cabin 23 loved starting their week with their backpacking trip. Cabin 24 is invested and interested in trying new things, working together, and cheering each other on as they experience all that GAC has to offer.  Cabin 25 had a stellar trying to catch fish with their bare hands on their backpacking trip to Indian Falls.  Cabin 26 has especially enjoyed Frisbee golf, water activities, and campfires where they play games, get to know each other better, and enjoy treats.  Cabin 27 enjoyed getting to know the other lions at Shaver and bonding as a cabin.  Cabin 28 won the “Cleanest Cabin” award and they are constantly making jokes and laughing together.  Cabin 29 loved performing their Big Campfire skit, which was a “Put Up Rap Battle.”


New Waterfront Area


Our Waterfront Directors, Claudia “Cloudy” and Bill “Odd Job” Werlin, together with our operations and waterfront staff teams, have set up a fabulous new waterfront area and are excited to welcome our 2014 campers.

As we shared in the spring, this is the first time in the history of Huntington Lake that it has not been full or nearly full during the summer, so we needed to relocate all of our waterfront programs because of the lower lake level.  Now that it is set up, we want to show you a few pictures of what our “new” waterfront area looks like.


Our 2014 Waterfront Directors, Cloudy and Odd Job.

While it is a bit of a shock for our returning campers and staff to see bare land and a creek in what is usually our normal cove and waterfront area, our new Huntington Lake waterfront area will accommodate all of our programs this summer except for our pontoon program, which will be offered at Shaver Lake this summer instead.

Rather than focusing on the negative (low water level), we’ve become fond of saying, our lake is “half full” this summer. There is a beautiful trail to walk the extra distance to get to our new waterfront area, so all of us look forward to some extra exercise this summer. Our waterfront staff look forward to welcoming campers to water fun on Huntington and Shaver Lakes this summer!




Low Lake Levels

Due to the ongoing California drought, Huntington Lake will once again be at a low level this summer.  Southern California Edison, who maintains the lake level, is reporting that the lake will be at 30-40% of capacity, which is similar to last summer’s lake level. In March, we were given a much more optimistic prediction (80%), but Southern California Edison has recently revised their estimates.

Huntington Lake is a large lake that is six miles long.  So, although the lake will be smaller, it is still a big lake (4.5-5 miles long) and large enough for our use. Because we have moveable docks and many other people on the lake do not, we had the lake mostly to ourselves last summer. We anticipate a similar situation this summer. We are planning to operate all of our normal water activities, with all the same fun campers are used to at GAC.

The lower lake level means that our waterfront will once again be located in a new area.  Because of the topography of the lakebed near the camp, our cove will be mostly empty.  Our docks will be moved to the location of the new waterline, which is about a 10 minute walk from our current docks.

The water level at Shaver Lake, where we have our island outpost, is predicted to be the same as last year, so we do not anticipate having to make any changes or relocating our docks for that program.

The lake’s low water level is not something that will impact the fun, friendships, and growth of GAC 2015.

Aerial view of the current water level of Huntington Lake.

Aerial view of the current water level of Huntington Lake.



Are You In Run for Education

Kids 4 Kids Run

Come meet GAC staff and families on Sunday, June 1, for the Are You In Run for Education in Menlo Park!

  • Fun Run/Walk & Timed 5k
  • $25 Early Registration by May 16 ($40 Late Registration)
  • Benefits Menlo Park City School District Schools & MPAEF
  • Walkers & Strollers Welcome
  • Pre-Registration Packet Pick-up at Fleet Feet, Menlo Park

Click here to register now!
Click here to learn more about the GAC Runners.


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