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Cabin News Highlights

Cabin 0 is a positive group of girls who have loved sailing, arts and crafts, and backpacking with Moxie! Cabin 1 enjoyed backpacking and preparing for their big campfire skit. Cabin 2 is a group of high-spirited girls who enjoyed practicing and performing their original and hilarious skit titled, “Elle Woods Takes the Woods!” Cabin 3 is proud of their accomplishments on Shaver and had fun learning the new lions girls cheers. Shaver-5513Cabin 4 had a blast making lots of fun songs on Shaver to encourage one another! Cabin 5 is a confident group of young ladies who are always laughing and they caught three fish in one free time! Cabin 6 is fun, hilarious, and energetic and they had a super fun time singing at teambuilding. Cabin 7 is a determined and goofy group of girls who had a thrilling time tearing up the water at Shaver Island. Cabin 8 especially loved canyoneering and jumping on the “whoosh” at Shaver. Cabin 9 clicked instantly and their favorite activities so far have been doing the top and bottom level of high ropes and building a fort near their cabin! Cabin 10 is a respectful, inclusive, sweet group of girls who love singing “Hey Hey Bo Diddly Bop” and having cabin campfires. Cabin 11 is super helpful, enthusiastic, and cheerful and they absolutely loved painting mugs at arts and crafts as well as canoeing and sailing. Cabin 12 is fearless, giggly, and persistent and they loved climbing natural rocks and singing Taylor Swift songs! Cabin 13 had a fantastic time on their Backpacking trip to Indian Falls where they played “Mafia” and the “Song Game.” Cabin 14 especially enjoyed kneeboarding at Shaver, as well as horseback riding and driving the mini motorboats. Cabin 15 is an active group of boys and they loved archery and riflery this week. Cabin 16 enjoys playing “Odds” and “Mafia” whenever they have the chance! Cabin 17 gelled really quickly and the highlight of their week was when they found frogs during their “Oreo” (Outdoor Recreation and Educational Opportunity) hike. Cabin 18 is a cohesive and fun group who enjoyed taking sunset pictures at Indian Falls while backpacking as well as playing the “Bus Stop Game” at “GACting” (theater.) CleanCabin-0305Cabin 20 is a supportive group of campers whose highlight was earning the Clean Cabin Banner and helping take care of the horses before breakfast. Cabin 21 had lots of fun adventures while backpacking and they love singing the Moose Song! Cabin 22 is an energetic and intelligent group of guys who work well as a team; their highlight of the first week was canoeing to Lakeshore in the Big Canoe! Cabin 23 enjoyed practicing their skit throughout the week for Big Campfire! Cabin 24 had a blast making a fort at Natural rocks! Cabin 25 enjoyed performing their stand-out skit at Big Campfire where they sang and danced to the High School Musical song, “Stick to the Status Quo.” Cabin 26 bonded as a group from Day 1 and they have especially enjoyed cabin campfires, canyoneering, and their “Ratslap” tournament. Cabin 27 is a group of guys with a great sense of humor—they love chatting about sports and had the best time on Shaver Island! Cabin 28 clicked quickly; they are considerate and supportive of one another and love playing the game “Camouflage.” LogRoll-9547Cabin 29 is a positive group of young men who loved log rolling, high ropes, and telling crazy stories around their nightly campfires. The Junior Counselors are a cohesive group who enjoyed their backpacking trip and going to Shaver Island with all of the bears cabins.


Session 3 Starts Strong

G-8887Big Spirit! That’s what comes to mind when I think of this first week of Session 3. From the very first dinner on Sunday night and throughout this week, there has been an energy of fun and excitement all over camp. Maybe it’s because our Session 3 campers are, for the most part, returning campers, or maybe it’s because our first-year campers (48 of them) are the type to just jump into stuff right away. Whatever the reason, the loud conversations, matching tie-dye shirts, singing, chanting, and dancing started on Sunday and hasn’t stopped since. These kids really know how to do camp right, and they are having BIG fun!

Campers have also jumped into our summer theme, Give a Hand. Within their cabin groups, campers are practicing their friendship skills by giving “put ups” (AKA compliments) and helping each other out. Buddy cabins have been helping KP (kitchen patrol – table set up) their friends’ tables for meals. Some campers have also signed up during free time for some of our voluntary Give a Hand projects. This week, some campers volunteered to clean trails, make dog chew toys for an animal shelter, create banners for the Ronald McDonald House charities, and sew pillow cases for

Bingo-5150 DressUp-0299

Special events this week included Pajama Breakfast, Cabin Theme Day, Tigers’ Bingo, GAC Spirit Day, Bears’ Ice Cream Social, Big Campfire (our all-camp skit night), and many cabins’ trips to Shaver Island, Backpacking, and Canyoneering.


After getting some extra sleep on Sunday morning and enjoying delicious Monkey Bread for late breakfast, campers enjoyed various activities before having a delicious burger lunch. Then, everyone headed out to the Carnival, which featured lots of social time, games, and junk food.

We are enjoying a great session of rekindling old and forming new friendships, and we’ve asked campers to continue to challenge themselves to try new things. Many have conquered fears and sailed on sailboats for the first time, gotten up on water skis, and climbed to high heights on the ropes course, natural rocks and our newest climbing element, the Vertical Playpen.

With a busy week of Shaver trips, backpacking, our Winter Wonderland Dance, and our Appreciation Campfire coming up, we know this second week of the session is going to fly by!



Priority Enrollment Begins August 1
Priority enrollment for returning families begins on August 1, 2015. Until September 15, 2015, returning families (including siblings who are first-year campers) may enroll for summer, 2016.
Registration opens for new camp families on September 16.  
We encourage returning families to enroll early in our Priority Enrollment period in order to enroll in your first choice session.
Families who were on a waiting list for 2015 and whom we were unable to accommodate are also welcome to register for 2016 during our Priority Enrollment period.


Sunshine’s Session 2 Meanderings

I’ve really enjoyed the first week of Session 2, which has been full of fun activities, trips to Shaver, B-JC-9379backpacking adventures, theme days, and lots of great food, friendship, and fun. The sun shone without a break all week, and the first clouds we’ve seen were today (Sunday). While we may get some much-needed rain over the next few days, I know it won’t dampen the spirits of this enthusiastic group of kids!

G-2742Campers have been diving into our Give a Hand theme. Today, our oldest campers wrote thank you letters to our support staff, so our kitchen staff, nurses and doctor, and maintenance staff are all hearing loud and clear how much they are appreciated. Campers also signed up for free time “Give a Hand” projects this week and made banners for Ronald McDonald House, fleece dog chew toys for an animal shelter, and crocheted beanies for the Knots of Love organization. Campers also signed up for trail clean up projects and a special “treasure hunt” under our dining porch for lost silverware. Many campers who have participated in different service opportunities during their time at camp will be earning their foam hands at our final morning assembly of the week (Friday). Coming up this week, I’ll be working with kids to sew pillow cases that will cheer up kids who are hospitalized due to cancer. The pillow cases will be delivered via ConKerr Cancer to Children’s Hospital, Central California.

L-9745For me, this has been a week of contrasts. During the first few days of the session, there were some extremely homesick campers whom I had the privilege of counseling through their adjustment to camp. One told me that “she couldn’t make it” and that she really needed to call her parents and go home right away. Another was having trouble sleeping and generally just having trouble adjusting to camp. By the end of the week, the strong feelings and emotions about missing home had dissipated and were replaced by smiles and a feeling of being comfortable at camp and having fun. What a privilege it is to watch the transformation from “I can’t do this,” to “I’m doing this!” When parents are supportive of allowing their child to go through the discomfort of adjusting to camp, the results are amazing. And I appreciate the trust parents have L-9591placed in us to care for children and use our judgment about whether or not the child is, in fact, ready for their camp experience. I love watching the transformation once the camper learns that their parents know they are having trouble adjusting but also have confidence in them that they will adjust to camp and enjoy themselves. Once the homesick camper gets the message that they aren’t going to be rescued from this particular pain, they dive into camp headfirst and start allowing themselves to have fun. They no longer feel the need to convince their parents, via letters and pleas to camp staff, that they need to be picked up immediately. I loved today’s message to her parents from a previously-homesick camper, “The super homesick letters are from the past!”

L-0996On the opposite end of the spectrum are the five-year campers who came to Sunspot (my home at camp) for our 5 Year Camper Party, which always precedes Big Campfire. They came for dessert and soda and to browse old camp yearbooks. They were also given the option to be interviewed by me about their experiences over their years at GAC. Listening to these long-time campers talk about camp is one of the most rewarding things I get to do. The kids are all different, but there were common themes they talked about as they reflected on five years of being campers. They talked about how they’ve grown from their time at camp, especially in their friendship and social skills. A few mentioned that camp “changed their personality” and made them more outgoing. Almost all of them mentioned the word “home,” as in, “It feels like home here.” Several mentioned how positive the environment is here and how much they enjoy all of the staff. I was able to get a bit of the footage to share here (more coming soon) so you can get a taste of how these five year campers feel about camp:

5 Year Campers Talk about GAC – Session 2 from Gold Arrow Camp on Vimeo.

L-9327While I know that this is not our campers’ actual home, I’m so glad that they feel at home here and consider GAC their “summer home.” It really does feel like a big family up here. For that, and for these amazing kids who join us for a few weeks each summer to share a piece of their childhood, I am deeply grateful. Thank you for sharing your kids with us!

We’re looking forward to our final week of Session 2 and know that it’s going to fly by, because we have so many fun things coming up –Bears’ Adventure, Lions’ social, trips to Shaver Lake, final cabin campfires on Wednesday, the Prehistoric Dance, and our Appreciation Campfire on Friday evening.

We’re looking forward to a fantastic week here at GAC!


Cabin News Highlights

Wondering what’s happening in the different groups around GAC this session? Here are some highlights from each of our cabin groups:

G-C01-9235Cabin 0
is an inclusive and energetic group of girls—they’ve loved earning the “Clean Cabin” award and climbing natural rocks! Cabin 1 has especially enjoyed sailing, horseback riding, and campfires. Cabin 2 has a strong bond with one another and loved their amazing backpacking trip to Twin Lakes. Cabin 3 loves trying new things, facing fears, making friendship bracelets for each other, and singing “Fight Song.” Cabin 4 is an ambitious and sweet group of young ladies who loved doing watersports at Shaver and creating a new lions girls cheer. Cabin 5 had a blast winning a rap battle at Shaver! Cabin 6 enjoyed preparing and performing their big campfire skit. Cabin 7 is an upbeat and fun group of girls who enjoyed pontoon dance parties at Shaver. Cabin 8 has been focusing on creating lasting friendships—their theme of the session is “To eight-finity and beyond!” Cabin 9 is a giggly group of girls who like jokes and loved their horseback trail ride. Cabin 10 loves writing WOWs to each other, playing “Black Magic,” and sailing. Cabin 11 loves singing the Banana Song and their favorite activity this week was zipline! Cabin 12 enjoyed painting, horseback riding, and dancing at Bears Social! Cabin 13 is constantly laughing and they loved doing water sports in refreshing Huntington Lake! Cabin 14 absolutely loved their boat ride to fishing, GACting (drama), and trying new things together.

L-C24-9610Cabin 15 is a social and enthusiastic group of boys who loved driving the mini-motorboats and are excited for Bears’ Adventure! Cabin 16 had an absolute blast at canoeoing, and love singing “Hey, Hey Bo Diddly Bop” around camp. Cabin 17 enjoyed GACting and water sports. Cabin 18 is a responsible group of guys who loved backpacking to Indian Falls, the “Adventure Game,” and funny mad-lib sessions! Cabin 20 is ambitious and determined to complete their camp goals; they loved paddle boarding this week! Cabin 21 enjoyed climbing natural rocks, sailing, and playing “Ninja.” Cabin 22 is a super inclusive group who loved team building and are always willing to help out. Cabin 23 is polite, helpful, and caring, and their favorite activities in the first week were kayaking, paddle boarding, and horseback riding. Cabin 24 had an instant group bond and their highlights of the first week were high ropes, canoeing, and campfires. Cabin 25 is happy, humorous, and kind and they loved playing epic games of “Camouflage” and their swim during their backpacking trip. Cabin 26 is positive, supportive, and fun-loving; they loved mountain biking and playing “Mafia.” Cabin 27 is a diverse and funny group of young men who loved Shaver and high ropes. Cabin 28 is an intelligent bunch who loved kayaking and log rolling. Cabin 29 are focusing on being good role models by Giving-A-Hand and having tons of fun—one of their favorite activities this week was the vertical playpen!

Our Junior Counselors are doing a fantastic job helping out in their cabins and with events, including MCing Big Campfire on Saturday. Our OLC team is currently out on their epic backpacking trip and are due back on Wednesday!


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