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Session 3 Cabin Highlights

Lots of fun is being had here at GAC during Session 3.  Here are some brief cabin news highlights from the first week of the session:


Cabin 0’s highlight of the week was when they watched a baby deer nurse from its mother right near their cabin!  Cabin 1 loves getting to know other cabins on the way to or at activities and they especially love playing the game, “Koala.”  Cabin 2 loved sailing and capsizing.  Cabin 3 enjoyed creating an original skit for Big Campfire which included playing kazoos to the tune of the Gold Arrow Camp song.  Cabin 4 loved their trip to Shaver where they got to go on a swimming adventure at the scenic waterfall at Stevenson’s Cove.  Cabin 5 loved going on boats as a cabin group while at Shaver—they loved cheering each other on during their stay!  Cabin 6 put on a hilarious skit which involved balloon animals and circus music!  Cabin 7 loved going on cabin boats at Shaver and really bonding during that time.  Cabin 8 enjoyed practicing and performing their Big Campfire skit which was a flashlight show which matched the beat of the music.  Cabin 9’s highlights were rock climbing and doing water sports where everyone earned a Bronze Bass patch!  Cabin 10 loved creating and performing their original skit titled, “A Day in the Life of a GAC Bear” which had the whole crowd laughing!  Cabin 11 has especially enjoyed kayaking, swimming in the lake, and working together during team building!  Cabin 12 is a very kind group of girls who love singing the camp song, “Little Red Wagon,” and they also enjoy listening to their counselor read the book Star Girl before bedtime every night.  Cabin 13 loved sailing, paddle boarding, and doing arts and crafts this week!  Cabin 14’s highlights of the week were pontooning, swimming, and kneeboarding at Shaver.  Cabin 15 thoroughly enjoyed horseback riding and their trip to Shaver Island!  Cabin 16 enjoyed canoeing, fishing, and rock climbing!  Cabin 17 loved horseback riding and performing their Big Campfire skit.  Cabin 18’s favorite activity thus far was mini-motorboating and they love getting to know each other a little better every day.  Cabin 20 enjoyed high ropes and riflery the most so far.  Cabin 21 loved backpacking to Indian Falls, where they got to swim and enjoyed the great outdoors!  Cabin 22 is a friendly and energetic group of young men who really enjoy playing the game “Mafia” in their free time.  Cabin 23 loved going to Shaver where they got to encourage each other, try some water sports for the first time, and accomplish their goals!  Cabin 24 enjoyed their backpacking trip to Twin Lakes and they are looking forward to Shaver Island this upcoming week!  Cabin 25 loved zip lining together as a cabin and backpacking to Indian Falls.  Cabin 26 loves starting energetic chants on the dining porch to show their enthusiasm.  Cabin 27 loved their trip to Shaver where a lot of campers earned Gold Trout patches, team building, as well as their first night campfire.  Cabin 28 loves singing at their nightly campfires and their favorite activity so far has been canyoneering!  Cabin 29 loves trying new things, encouraging one another, and offering “Free Hugs” to anyone who passes by.



Session 3, Week 1 Recap

G-9644-2“NO CRUSTS!” we all yelled in unison as we sang and danced with Koo Koo Kanga Roo entertainers Bryan and Neil to their “Peanut Butter and Jelly” song at their concert on Monday. Along with the “Friendship Bracelets” song (now a GAC classic thanks to our Session 3, 2013 CITs who taught us all the dance), Koo Koo Kango Roo provided a fun and energetic way to start the session. Everyone from our youngest Bears campers to our oldest staff sang at the top of our lungs and danced for about 45 straight minutes. According to Bryan and Neil, we were their best and most participatory audience ever. They definitely want to come back next year!

Our Lions (oldest campers, coming out of 7th through 9th grades) have been busy with trips to Shaver and Backpacking (optional sign-up trip for boys was on Tuesday and our girls went out Friday to Saturday) over this first week of the session. They are looking forward to their casino night and ice cream social time on Monday evening.

Heard around camp this week quite often has been the spirited Bears’ cheer, “I’m PROUD to BE a GAC Bear. I said I’m PROUD to be a GAC Bear.” So, although they’re small and are our youngest campers, they have a mighty loud sound and presence here this session! The Bears also had a great time Friday evening dancing to “Foot Loose,” “Tragedy” and the “Friendship Bracelet” songs after enjoying delicious ice cream sundaes with all the toppings.

Our Tigers campers (campers coming out of 4th through 6th grades), who make up our biggest age group in camp (14 cabin groups) had bingo night over two nights this week (Wednesday & Thursday). Many of our tigers have been out backpacking this week and our oldest tigers have already enjoyed their Shaver trips. Those who haven’t been out backpacking or to Shaver will enjoy those outpost trips during the second week of Session 3.

Some highlights of Big Campfire on Saturday included an amazing song medley from Cabin 5, Cabin 14’s “Rollin on the Log” to the tune of Koo Koo Kanga Roo’s “Rollin in the Mini Van,” and Cabin 15’s choreographed dance to “Let it go.” Sunday’s carnival was a blast for all involved, with many games and fun carnival treats!

We look forward to a great second week of Session 3, and our only complaint is that the session is going far too quickly!


Skiing with Lions, Dancing with Bears

Sunshine’s Session 2, Week 1 Recap

Swimming at Shaver

“Skiing with Lions, Dancing with Bears” sounds like the latest Disney Nature movie, but it’s actually what I did during the first week of Session 2.

I stayed overnight on Shaver with our oldest boys’ cabins (22, 23, 26, 27, 28, & 29) and watched them water ski and get “big air” on the wake skate. A highlight for me was the “sing off” competition at the Shaver campfire.  Each group had to think of a song with a certain word in it and then sing the song for the group. If another group sang your same song before your turn, you had to have a back-up song (or two) ready. Often, the entire group would join in and sing the song.

FL--3884While at Shaver, Cabin 29 practiced their Big Campfire dance, which turned out to be a highlight performance on Saturday. All of the lions and oldest tiger boys were having a blast both on the boats and on Shaver Island and I enjoyed being part of their fun.

Many of our youngest campers (“bears”) got to experience their first dance on Friday, when we had an ice cream social just for them. Counselors taught many of our classic camp group dances including Footloose and Move Your Body, and just about every bear in camp was dancing up a storm. I think they’re well-prepared for the all-camp dance coming up on Thursday (Neon theme).

Tommy's Big Air on Wake Skate

On Sunday, a group of campers opted to watch the World Cup final game over at China Peak during the first part of our carnival. After the German win, we had two especially excited campers – Justin and Sedona – who are second generation GAC campers from Germany.

We’ve enjoyed sunny, warm (some days more like HOT) weather this week and are drinking lots of water and using a lot of sunscreen. With only five more days of activities here at GAC, Session 2 is winding down quickly.

Will Slalom Skiing

We look forward to some final days of fun with this great group of campers.


Session 2 Cabin Highlights

Fun times and friendships have filled the first week of Session 2 at GAC.  Here are some news highlights from each of the cabin groups:

Cabin 0
has had a week full of horse adventures, paddle boarding games, and high ropes.  Cabin 1 loved their backpacking trip, hug attacks, and singing along when Katara plays Pompeii.  Cabin 2 enjoyed kayaking, paddle boarding, and playing card games together.  Cabin 3 performed an outstanding Big Campfire Skit called “The Evolution of Television” that brought the crowd to their feet! Cabin 4 began the session with a campfire full of bonding and laughter and then earned patches galore at Shaver!  Cabin 5 had a particularly exciting day when they had high ropes, paddle boarding, and log-rolling all in one day!  What an adventure! Cabin 6 loved doing high ropes together where they worked together and overcame fears.  Cabin 7 (or Tribe 7, as they’re known around camp) set and reached their goals at Shaver for having fun and helping each other as well as earning patches.  Cabin 8 loved preparing and performing their original skit, “GAC Counselors Read Mean Tweets” which had the whole camp laughing!


Cabin 9 had a great time kneeboarding, skiing, and wake boarding when everyone jumped in the water with no hesitation and encouraged each other the whole time!  Cabin 10 loved coming up with their completely original Big Campfire skit which they titled, “Old Lady Yoga.”  Cabin 11 really enjoyed having a swim party on Shaver Lake.  Cabin 12 was the first to perform at Big Campfire and they also had an original skit which was a spoof on the Disney Princesses—everybody loved it!  Cabin 13’s highlight of the first week was getting to sail with all of their counselors.  The highlight for Cabin 14 so far was getting to go on a horseback trail ride as a cabin.  Cabin 15 loves being out on the lake as much as possible and they are looking forward to Bears’ Adventure.  Cabin 16 enjoyed cheering each other on at Shaver, where everyone earned a bronze patch in at least one of the water sports!  Cabin 17 loved their backpacking trip to Lower Indian Falls where they got to play lots of rounds of the game, “Camoflauge.” The “Noble Knights” of Cabin 18 had an amazing time backpacking, where they got to create lots of connections with each other!  Cabin 20 loves playing cards in their down time and they especially enjoyed Hammock Hangout!  Cabin 21 is a super friendly group of guys who have enjoyed water sports, kayaking, and mini motor-boating.


Cabin 22 enjoyed their trip to Shaver because everyone earned patches and four campers earned their Platinum Piranhas!  Cabin 23 enjoyed Tigers’ Social where they won three out of the four prizes for their cabin! Cabin 24 has had an exciting week from completing the high ropes course to trying kneeboarding on Huntington Lake.  Cabin 25 has had a great first week!  Several campers were successful in their first ever attempt at kneeboarding and wakeboarding where they encouraged each other the whole way!  Cabins 26 and 27 had a great time preparing for and performing their Big Campfire skit together where they lip-synced and danced to a classic song.  Cabin 28 loved having a mud fight during their log-rolling activity, kayaking, and playing cards.   Cabin 29 enjoyed preparing for their Big Campfire skit, which was a choreographed dance to a One Direction Song.


Sunshine’s Week 1 Recap

Session 1 CITs (Counselors in Training)Joyful. That’s the best word I can find to describe the first week of Session 1 here at GAC. Campers have been joyful as they walk to activities, as they eat meals, and as they sit around their campfire playing games and sharing stories.  There has been more dancing and singing up here this past week than most people get in a lifetime!

On the day it was announced that team USA was moving on in the World Cup, the entire dining porch erupted in cheers and then sang-along to every USA-themed song on our patriotic playlist, including “America,” “Proud to be an American,” and “Surfin’ USA.”

With the exception of one early morning rain drizzle that lasted for just long enough to settle a little dust, we’ve had clear blue skies and warm days. The past two days have been our hottest, with extra water drinking being encouraged by all!

MAN-3690Big Campfire on our new lit up stage featured acts from every cabin group, with highlights being a choreographed dance from our youngest girls in Cabin 14 and an original song by Cabin 23.

Campers have been busy taking in a range of activities at Main Camp here at Huntington Lake as well as at our Shaver Island outpost camp and backpacking trips.  Our Bears (youngest campers in cabins 12, 14, 15, and 16) hiked out this afternoon to their overnight “Bears Adventure” where their food and luggage will be delivered to them.

We all look forward to some fun upcoming events including our Animal Dance on Thursday and Appreciation Campfire on Friday evening before our Session 1 campers head home.


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