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SHHHHHHH (We Won’t Tell)

This month we’re sending all campers who qualified (enrolled by November 15th) an expandable Gold Arrow Camp duffel bag. We ship the bags to parents so that, if they choose, they may give the bag as a holiday gift. 

However, if parents choose, as some of them did last year with the GAC hat we sent, to keep it for yourselves; we promise not to tell. It can be our secret. Well, at least until they get to camp and see other bags. At that point, your decision to keep the nice bag for yourself will be out in the open. 

Thanks for enrolling for 2018, and enjoy the bag, whether you give it to your camper or not!


GAC Runners Report: Fresno Turkey Trot

The GAC runners once again participated in the Fresno Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. The year-round office staff (Sunshine, Monkey, Bean, Soy, and Glitter) were joined by their families and the Radke family, the Donat family, and long time camp staffer Sushi. They took place in the costume contest and both the 5K and 2 mile events.  

Though the runners didn’t take home any formal awards, Daffy was recognized as the “most mature” Pilgrim and we feel pretty certain that Greta was the most adorable participant. We were thrilled to get out to trot and support the Community Food Bank. Enjoy these selected photos of the GAC Runners in action!

Monkey chasing after some turkey on Thanksgiving morning!

Daffy is two thumbs up as he crosses the finish line!

Binx was so fast she broke the finish line!

It’s long-time camp mom Tahoe crossing the finish line in style!

Delta, Bean, Greta, and Glitter made the whole walk! Way to go!



Sierra Summers: The History of Gold Arrow Camp – is HERE!

In anticipation of Gold Arrow Camp’s 85th anniversary summer, long-time staff member Chuck “Woody” Radke was commissioned to write a book celebrating the long and storied history of GAC. From Manny Vezie through Sunshine and Monkey, this book covers it all! This fall, he completed the book, and now we are pleased to announce the publication of Sierra Summers: The History of Gold Arrow Camp. The books recently arrived at our office and GAC campers and staff past and present will love reminiscing about GAC’s history.

For those members of our camp family who pre-ordered the book, your copies will be shipping shortly. If you didn’t pre-order the book, it is still available for sale here


Will you go out with us?

Will you go out with us? Join other campers and staff and #optoutside this Black Friday! Share your pics using #optoutside and tag Gold Arrow Camp! 


November 14 is Camp T-Shirt Day!

How To Take Part:

  • Wear your favorite camp gear on November 14th!
  • Take a photo.
  • Share on Facebook and Instagram with @camptshirtday and @goldarrowcamp using the hashtag #camptshirtday.
  • Share your camp pride and spirit with the world!


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