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“Loving our Passengers” and other Life Lessons

From the moment kids hopped off the bus and ran down the road to greet their new and old Session 4 friends, the positive energy has been palpable here at GAC this week.

We’ve talked about and learned several of the Energy Bus principles, including:

(1) I’m the Driver
We are responsible for ourselves. Blaming others or complaining doesn’t help any situation. We get to decide how we want our day to go! We can create our own happiness by our thoughts and reactions.

(2) Create a Positive Vision
Each cabin group created a cabin vision statement at their first night campfires. These statements help provide a guide of where we want to go together.

(3) Drive with Purpose
Setting goals and knowing what we want to do as individuals helps us achieve our vision.

(4) Fuel Your Ride with Positive Energy
Staying positive and building each other up makes life so much better! Regardless of circumstances, maintaining our optimism and focusing on the positive makes us feel better.

(5) Transform Negativity
When something goes wrong, we can find a way to see the positive and the learning in it.

(6) Love Your Passengers
Our friendships and relationships are the best and most important part of life, so we need to take the time to be kind and build each other up!

(7) Enjoy the Ride.
Have fun! Something we always practice at camp is remembering to live in the moment and enjoy each day.

“Loving your passengers” is especially applicable at camp, where we put a lot of effort into building each other up and showing kindness to our friends. Our WOW board gets filled to overflowing each day with positive messages and compliments for friends. The record day of the summer happened last week, with 192 WOWs in one day!

Among the campers here this session are twenty Five Year Campers who celebrated their special veteran status at a party at Sunspot on Saturday evening! They enjoyed eating special treats and browsing through camp yearbooks together before joining the rest of camp at Big Campfire. We also have three ten-year veteran campers with us this session!

Memorable moments like catching fish, getting bullseyes, and working as a team are stacking up each day we spend together. We’re looking forward to a great final week of the session!


Bears Enjoy Their Ice Cream Social

Our youngest campers (“Bears”) had a blast at their ice cream social yesterday evening! Much fun and dancing — and ice cream, of course — made the evening tons of fun!

They learned the moves to “Footloose,” a camp dance that we do regularly at meals and morning assembly. They also enjoyed vanilla ice cream with different toppings. 


What’s Happening This Week?

Here’s what’s going on this week at GAC:

Sunday: Thanksgiving Weekend Carnival; Shaver Island: Cabins 0, 1, 2, 3, 10, & 11 (depart after carnival); Mail Meal

Monday: Lions’ Social; Backpacking: Bears’ Adventure (Cabins 12, 13, 14, 15, 16), Cabin 23

Tuesday: Shaver Island: Cabins 17, 18, 20, 21, 24, & 25

Wednesday: International Day; Backpacking: Cabins 1, 3, & 11; Mail Meal

Thursday: Under the Big Top Dance

Friday: Appreciation Banquet and Campfire

Saturday: Session 4 Departure Day


Bingo Nights

Tigers (campers going into 5th-7th grades) campers enjoyed eating ice cream sundaes, learning some new dance moves, and playing BINGO together on Wednesday and Thursday evening this week! Cabins 0, 1, 3, 9, 18, 20, and 23 enjoyed Wednesday’s Bingo night, and Cabins 2, 10, 11, 17, 21, 24, and 25 joined the Bingo fun on Thursday. Fun times were had by all of our Tigers campers!


OLC Group in Yosemite


Bright and early Wednesday morning, the OLC (Outdoor Leadership Course) group took off for Yosemite to begin their eight-day backpacking trip. We are looking forward to hearing about their great OLC adventure!

Aqua (our 2017 backpacking director) has planned a beautiful route through South Yosemite (Alder Creek to Ostrander Lake). Leading this trip are experienced OLC leader, Cappy, former GAC Backpacking Director, Mac, and Wolfie.

The OLC group spent the first few days of the session at main camp where they did team building activities, planned for their trip, and got oriented. The group will cover approximately 38 miles on their seven-night trip. A non-hiking rest day is planned to give their legs a break partway through the trip. They will return to camp on Wednesday, August 16, in time for some relaxing, camp activities and fun camp closure activities (dance, banquet, and appreciation campfire).

The weather appears to be terrific for the trip; however, they have packed tents and will always be prepared for rain or other unexpected weather conditions. At the higher elevations of their trip, they will likely see snow still on the ground (although it has been melting fast in these hot conditions).

We are so excited for our OLC group and can’t wait to hear about their adventure when they return next week!


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