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Cabin Theme Day

Cabin theme day Wednesday brought out the creativity of our Session 2 campers! We had mustaches, all pink clothing, side caps, towels on heads, shades, and many other themes that united cabins for the day!


New Activities Added in 2018!

Here at Gold Arrow Camp, we are always looking for new ways to help our campers challenge themselves and have a blast. This year, we’ve added a handful of new activities that we are so excited to share with you!


It’s round. It floats. It’s a corcl! Pronounced “core-cull,” these new additions are such a hit that we’ve named a section of camp’s extended shoreline after them. Down at Corcl Cove, campers grab a paddle and hop in for a hilariously fun experience on the water. Corcls are best described as a circular kayak, and are notorious for dumping out their passengers into the lake. Spin your corcl like a Disneyland teacup or flip it over to create your own private island – the fun and games at corcling are endless!

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a special addition to the Gold Arrow target sports repertoire. Shaver Director and veteran staff member Baboon brings extensive experience in axe throwing instruction to the camp team, and we’re excited to announce that a brand new range has been built at camp just for this sport. Throw an axe with one hand, throw it two handed, or throw two axes at once – it’s a target sport like you’ve never seen before! Campers can try their hand during Free Time in the evenings.

Wake Surfing

At good ol’ GAC, we hike and sail and…wake surf! This twist on the knee-ski-wake staple is great fun and a new kind of challenge. Campers are pulled to their feet behind a boat, much like they would be on a wakeboard – but once they gain speed and find the right spot in the boat’s wake, they let go of the tow rope and simply surf the wave. Wake surfing is popular in particular with older campers eager for a new challenge down on Shaver Island, and it’s a great way for kids to continue to grow in tow sports at camp.

To learn more about activities at camp, check out our Activities page!


Session 2 Campers Share GAC with Friends

We’re so thankful when our camp families share GAC with their friends! These Session 2 campers were part of our Refer-a-Friend program this year, so they get to do some extra shopping in the Camp Store. Campers who referred two friends also received a GAC towel, and a few campers who referred 3 friends also received their own GAC stadium chair! 

Session 2 Refer-a-Friend Campers


Eagles Dinner Social at Granite Grove

Our Session 2 Eagles (campers entering 9th and 10th grades) enjoyed a new opening-night tradition for our oldest campers – dinner at Granite Grove! Our new event space is part of the expanded camp footprint. We’ve transformed an open grove into a beautiful venue for evening dinner parties, dances, and special events. Campers sat at round tables under sparkling white lights that line the grove. 

Following dinner and dessert, we talked about their important role as leaders and role models at GAC, as well as our desire for these two weeks to be the best weeks of their year, free of any stress and pressures they face at home. Several campers talked about what GAC means to them and how happy they are to be back at GAC for their final (or second to final) year as campers.

Each Eagles cabin group has a younger “buddy” cabin to mentor this session. Following their dinner party, the Eagles campers sat with their buddy cabin groups at our all-camp orientation!

We’re so excited about our new party venue – Granite Grove – and our oldest campers enjoyed a fun first evening there!


Pajama Breakfast


Fleece, flannel, and onesies —oh my! Monday morning all of the Gold Arrow Camp staff and campers stayed in their warm, comfy pajamas and wore them to breakfast. Why change clothes when you can stay extra snuggly for a little while longer? Campers enjoyed a hearty breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs with a myriad of other options like fruit, yogurt, cereal, bagels, hot chocolate, juice and more. After breakfast, campers checked the activity board to see what activity they’d start their day with and then headed back to their cabins to get ready for their first full day at camp. They are definitely excited to get the session started!


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