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Recycling Recap

One of our Core Beliefs is that we can bring positive changes to the world. Here at GACHQ, we’re trying to take steps to minimize our environmental impact, and therefore bring positive change to the world. 

Our most recent effort has involved recycling. At the end of the 2017 camp season, Soy, Grizzly, Yorkie, and Tank loaded a dumpster of metal into a camp truck. This metal included years worth of unusable items. Instead of taking that metal to a landfill, Soy took it to a recycling yard in Fresno, California.

We used the proceeds from that truckload of metal to buy recycling containers, so that we can more easily recycle here at the GAC winter office. This seems like a very small thing, but we recognize that sometimes the greatest changes in the world take place because individuals make small changes. 


GAC Valentines Are Here For You!

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we’ve been rolling out our world-famous GAC themed Valentine’s (GACentines) cards everyday at 2:14 PM PST. There’s only one problem with that: there’s not an easy way for you to have all of them to print out to use on Valentine’s Day. 

We’re here to help. At the bottom of this post, you’ll find all of the GACentines in a format suitable to be downloaded, cut out, and sent to all of the people in your life who could use a Gold Arrow themed lift!

Enjoy, and send us your favorite pictures of people getting GACentines!


Meeting Energy Bus Author Jon Gordon!

Recently, Gold Arrow Camp’s directors, along with staff members Gem and Punkie, had the opportunity to attend a 3-day retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains. One of the highlights of the retreat was a seminar led by Jon Gordon.

You may remember Mr. Gordon’s name, as the author of the The Energy Bus, which served as our theme for the summer of 2017. We were thrilled to have a chance to talk one on one with a person who has made such a positive impact on not just camp, but the world! Mr. Gordon even joined our GAC lunch table during the retreat and shared the impact that camp had on him as a child when he attended Camp Wayne in the mountains of Pennsylvania. He was excited to meet the directors of the first camp in the world to be an Energy Bus For Schools camp. 

On the last day, Jon agreed to sign our copies of The Energy Bus, and he was kind enough to pose for photos. As he departed the dining area, he even led a spirited “G-A-C!” cheer. 


Save The Date!

Join us for an afternoon of fun to reunite with old friends and to make some new ones! Whether you’re a long time camp family or brand new to Gold Arrow Camp, this event on Sunday, April 29th is for you.

This event is for current campers, new families, and people who are interested in GAC. Our directors and some staff members will be there for a meet and greet and to answer questions. We’ll also have games, arts & crafts activities, a photo booth, and dinner!

Keep an eye on this site as well as our social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram) for more details!


Parent Handbooks Are On The Way!

We know that one of the most highly anticipated things to arrive in your snail mail inbox each year is the Gold Arrow Camp Parent Handbook. This is the time of year when parents and campers are excitedly running to the mailbox every evening in hopes that it will have arrived. 

We’re here to share good news! The GAC Parent Handbook is on the way to your doorstep this month. The handbook has information on bus stops, a “parent to-do list”, a calendar of summer events, and the packing list. It’s really important, so keep an eye open for it in your mail soon!


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