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Sunshine Parenting Online Workshop – Helping Kids Foster REAL Connections

When: Thursday. April 27th, 11 AM PST

As kids spend more and more time focused on screens, they spend less time building actual, genuine face-to-face relationships. Join Sunshine for this free, online parenting workshop, where she’ll be sharing ideas for helping our kids build more face-to-face, “real” connections as well as strategies we can use to limit screen use.

The workshop is free to all who RSVP, so feel free to share this with anybody you know who might be interested. You can RSVP for the workshop at this link. If you like this, you’ll probably enjoy Sunshine’s website dedicated to parenting, Sunshine Parenting


Alison “Bean” Moeschberger is published in Camping Magazine

We’re excited to share that one of our directors, Alison “Bean” Moeschberger was published for the first time in this month’s issue of Camping Magazine. 

Camping Magazine is the official publication of the American Camp Association. Bean’s article was titled “Crucial Camp Conversations: 5 Keys For Success”. The article provides a framework for supervisors at camps to have important conversations with their counselors.  It was her first time being published in this prestigious magazine. Audrey “Sunshine” Monke has also been a contributor to the magazine in the past. Sunshine currently serves on the editorial advisory board for the magazine.

You can read Bean’s article here.  


Sunshine Parenting Online Workshop – Camp Secrets For Raising Positive, Well-Behaved Kids

When: Thursday, March 16th, 11 AM PST

Join Sunshine as she shares a few of the positive behavior management techniques we use at camp to guide our campers to be more optimistic, positive and well-behaved! The presentation is 30 minutes long, and Sunshine stays online after the presentation concludes to answer any questions. 

The workshop is free and open to all who RSVP, so please feel free to share it with anybody you think might enjoy it. You can RSVP at this link. If you like this, you’ll probably like Sunshine’s website dedicated to parenting, Sunshine Parenting


Lip Balm Contest 2017!


It’s time for you to help us decide what lip balm flavors we will offer during the summer of 2017. Just send an email to with your suggestion for flavors and the camp themed names to go with them by March 20th. Who knows, you may just see your suggestion on the camp store shelf this summer!


Sunshine Parenting Online Workshop: Teaching Children To Resolve Conflicts


When: Thursday, February 16th, 11 AM PST

Being able to resolve conflicts without adult intervention is an important social skill. Join Sunshine for
this 30-minute workshop to learn five ways to help your children learn how to manage difficult
emotions and respond better in conflict situations. Read more in Sunshine’s article, “5 Steps to Help


The workshop is free to all who RSVP, so please share it with anyone who you think might enjoy it. The presentation will be 30 minutes, with Sunshine available after the conclusion to answer any questions. 

For more specifics, and to RSVP, please visit the Online Workshops page at Sunshine Parenting.


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