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Welcome Specialty Campers!

Today is the first day of our first session of summer 2018!  We are excited to welcome all of our June Specialty campers! 

Our Shaver Specialty campers will spend tonight at Main Camp (at Huntington Lake) and head to Shaver Island tomorrow. 31 of our 38 campers heading to the Island are three-week campers who will also attend Session 1. All of the Specialty campers will spend the week enjoying knee boarding, wake boarding, and water skiing on Shaver Lake during the day and sleeping under the stars at night. They will return to Main Camp on Friday.

We are going to have a great week making friends, having a lot of fun, and doing TONS of water sports!


Head Counselors

Head Counselors provide leadership and support for our counselors and campers and make sure each camper is having a fantastic experience here at GAC.

Each Head Counselor has seven or eight cabin groups with whom they work closely. On the first evening of camp, Head Counselors stop by each of their cabin groups’ campfires to introduce themselves and let campers know that they are someone campers can always go to if they need anything.

Throughout the session, Head Counselors join their cabin groups for meals, activities, and campfires. They also get feedback from campers on evaluations and follow up with campers to make sure they have the best experience possible at GAC.

Our 2018 team of Head Counselors includes an experienced group who bring 26 summers of GAC experience with them to camp. Because of all their years at camp, Head Counselors are able to assist both new and experienced campers and counselors with the challenges that come up at camp.

We’re excited to introduce you to our 2018 Head Counselors: Swag, Mec, Binx, and Peanut Butter (PB)!


Fort Wayne, Indiana, native Collin “Swag” McCracken is excited to be back at GAC for his 6th summer. His favorite part about camp is the kids, and in his spare time he enjoys sports, writing, movies, laughing, adventures, camping, and traveling. Swag has been a group counselor and has hosted morning assembly for several years. Swag was featured on this episode of the GAC POG-cast.

Swag was a little excited to get his 5 Year Blanket last summer!


Alberto “Mec” Vazquez is in his 5th year here at GAC. He is a graduate of Grinnell College and his hometown is Anaheim, California. Mec has spent the past four years as a Group Counselor and is looking forwarding to supporting counselors in their work with campers, catching up with his past campers, and making sure new campers feel welcome. He’s looking forward to arrival days, deep campfire conversations, the fresh mountain air, sleeping under the stars, rainy days, s’mores on Shaver, and especially getting his 5 year blanket!



Mady “Binx” Engle is a former camper who is in her 12th summer here at GAC! She is a graduate of CSU, Fresno, and is in her final student teaching semester this fall. She’s looking forward to seeing returning campers and ditching her phone and teacher clothes!


Peanut Butter:

Jackie “Peanut Butter” Fleming goes to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She is in her 3rd year here at GAC, and has spent her past two summers leading girls as a Group Counselor. She is looking forward to supporting counselors and helping campers form close friendships. At camp, Peanut Butter enjoys dance parties, monkey bread and positive vibes! You can listen to her interview on the GAC POG-Cast here.

Peanut Butter

We are thrilled to welcome such a fun, experienced group of Head Counselors to lead our 2018 campers and counselors!

Head Counselors Swag, Mec, Binx, and Peanut Butter

To read about more of our amazing 2018 staff, visit the Meet Our Staff page!


June Shaver Specialty Menu

Shaver Island Menu (June Specialty Camp) 2018

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Breakfast   Waffles & Sausage, strawberries & cream Scrambled eggs

Bacon Pieces

Tortillas & cheese

Fancy oatmeal with apples & cinnamon, Mini Danish, gogurts Apple strudel, Scrambled eggs, Bacon Scramble eggs with peppers & cheese, tortillas to make burritos          Main Camp Blueberry muffins EGGs  Mc Manny
    Campers head to Shaver Island!          
Lunch BBQ chicken sliders.

Side winder fries.

Deli sandwiches

Warm roast beef, ,sliced turkey available , chips & Prepared salad

Chicken verde burritos, Rice salad,Corn chips Guacamole Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Grilled ham and cheese. Fruit Salad.


Hot Dogs, wheat hot dog buns, grilled onions. Prepared salad, chicken on side. Frito Chips


Deli sandwiches, seeded hoagie rolls, Prepared salad with sweet potato – recipe. Indiv chips.


Main camp Chicken strip wraps, with bacon pieces and prepared salad.
    Gatorade pops Italian ice Orange Bars Fudge Bars Fruit by the Foot
  Campers arrive at Main camp!


        Campers return to Main Camp.  
 Dinner  Lasagne & garlic bread Teriyaki chickenSteamed rice pilaf, Bell peppers & onions Beef Burgers & veggie

Jalopeno Bacon



Prepared salad – recipe.

Chicken Pattie sandwich, whole grain bun, chips, prepared salad. Chicken Parm, Penne with alfredo, roast broc. & Cauli, Main Camp, burrito bar with assortment of fillings.
    Ice cream sandwiches Cookies Strawberry shortcake ice Brownies Cheese cake T.B.A.

In addition to the main entrees listed above, the following options are always offered:
Breakfast:  Fresh Fruit, Cereal, Yogurt, Juice, Hot Chocolate
Lunch:  Salad, Sandwich Bar, Fresh Fruit
Dinner:  Salad



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Counselors Arrive At Camp!

Staff reacting to the appearance of the Chipmunk.

For our 2018 counselors, camp starts today! They will arrive from around the world by bus, train, airplane and car to reconnect with nature, form new friendships, and learn all about camp. These 150 young women and men are excited to be at camp and to learn how to be the best counselors in the world.

For new and returning counselors, today is designed to feel like the first day of camp. Support staff will greet them just like counselors will greet campers to begin each session; cheering them on as they came down the road into camp. There will be tours of camp, settling in at the cabin, dinner, and of course the call to the Chipmunk. After an orientation, counselors head back to their cabins for first-night campfires. 

Over the next 11 days, they’ll receive intensive training about camp and campers. They’ll participate in group discussions, role playing scenarios, and program training on a wide variety of important topics. . By the beginning of camp, they’ll be ready to welcome their campers to camp, just like the support staff welcomed them on their arrival today.


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