Kids Don’t Learn This at School…

Written by Audrey Monke, Director of  Gold Arrow Camp

Kids Don’t Learn this at School

So much of our focus as parents is on making sure our children get a good education, but schools can’t equip our kids with all of the skills they need to be happy, successful adults. Besides independence, camps also focus on modeling and teaching other important life skills.
Here are some of the life skills campers say they learn at camp:

“I learned…
… to be responsible.”
…I could do more than I thought, and I grew up a lot in two weeks.”
…better leadership skills.”
…different ways to get along with other campers.”
…Believe in yourself. And try everything.”
…how to interact with people better.”
…to set a goal and achieve it.”
…to face my fears and to just always have a good time.”
…Approach someone. Don’t wait for them to approach you.”
…to work as a team.”
…to enjoy the present, instead of worrying about the future.”
…when you voice an opinion, people listen.
…what good friends are.”
…you never back down, and try your hardest.”
…if you stay positive, you’ll have fun no matter what you do.”

There are so many skills and values we teach our kids, but some are best learned hands-on, living and playing with others. Camp offers the unique opportunity to learn and practice skills that can improve the quality of our kids’ lives.