History & Tradition

history_1Gold Arrow was founded in 1933 by Manny Vezie, a former Notre Dame football player under legendary coach, Knute Rockne. Manny found a desire to start his own summer program through his experiences working at a camp in Wisconsin during his college years. After his death in 1985, Jeanie Vezie, Manny’s wife and co-director for over 30 years, continued to operate Gold Arrow. In 1989, Jeanie


sold the camp to former camper and staff member Audrey Kremer Monke.
Today, Gold Arrow Camp is directed by Audrey and Steve Monke. They have a commitment to the development of children, and to maintaining the traditions that have made Gold Arrow one of the finest traditional camps in the United States for eight decades.Gold Arrow Camp has attracted children from all over the United States and from several foreign countries.
Many campers are the children or grandchildren of former participants. Our second, third and fourth generation campers remind us of Gold Arrow’s rich history and tradition. Campers and staff who attend our program for three summers are given a Three Year Banner, and those who spend five years with us receive a Five Year Blanket, embroidered with the camper’s or staff member’s name. These are awarded at Appreciation Campfire, which concludes each session.


Gold Arrow Camp has left indelible memories in the minds of tens of thousands of campers and staff since its modest beginning in 1933.  People come and go from Gold Arrow Camp each season, and the memories they created have provided colorful and interesting stories.  After years of research, our camp historian, Chuck “Woody” Radke has finished an in-depth book of stories and pictures that make up the rich history of the camp.  “Sierra Summers: The History of Gold Arrow Camp” is available now and ready to ship!  For more information and to order this hardcover, display-style book now, please click here.